5 Tips to Make Money from Sales Consultation Calls

Published Date:  05 Jun, 2024 | Updated Date:  14 Jun, 2024

Discover expert strategies to maximize your earnings from sales consultation calls. Learn proven tips and techniques to convert consultations into lucrative opportunities.

Do you currently offer prospects free sales consultations through your online business?

Then you might want to consider monetizing those conversations…and I have a way you can do it without scaring away potential customers with a consultation fee upfront.


By thinking of your sales consultation calls as the personal gold mines they are!

5 Tips to Make Money from Sales Consultation Calls

You’re already digging deep in these conversations about what you have to offer and how it helps, so why not extract some valuable nuggets that you can then use to boost your income?

Instead, you can get the best of both worlds by transforming those one-time chats into continuous streams of content that actually make you money.

Without further ado, here are the 5 steps you can use to tap into this underutilized resource and turn your consultations into a gold rush of money-making opportunities.

5 Proven Tips to Monetize Your Sales Consultation Calls

Step One: Set up your sales consultation framework

First things first: you need a way to record your consultation calls if you aren’t doing so already. That way you can focus wholly on the consultation and review the material for great nuggets after.

Tools like Zoom and Google Meet are perfect for this, since they offer easy recording features that capture every valuable bit of your dialogue. Just remember to hang a virtual “Recording in Progress” sign by getting permission from your participants to record the call—it’s both polite and legally necessary in many regions (please consult your lawyer as necessary as this should not be construed as legal advice).

Then, write a list of questions you’d like to ask prospects during your calls. Remember, your job is to guide the conversation to uncover the most intriguing aspects of why they wanted to meet in the first place. That’s why you’ll want to choose questions that dive deep into your prospect’s challenges and aspirations.

Ask questions like, “What major challenges are you currently facing?” or “What solutions have you tried previously?” These types of prompts will not only engage your client but also lead to insights that you can use to create money-making content down the line!

Lastly, save the call recording to a google folder and make a note in a spreadsheet or another document about what the call focused on. This can help when you’re trying to organize multiple calls into different content formats.

When should a client consultation be performed?

When you need to drum up business, of course! For example, if your business is selling a product over $2,000 then you will likely need a sales consultation to close the sale. However, if your offer is less than $2,000 and you have good revenue (but are tight on time), it is more advantageous to skip consultations in favor of valuable lead- and client-generating assets like videos, emails, articles, and podcasts. Whatever the case may be, note that paid consultations should always be priced in line with how much time you have available, and may depend on whether you’re operating in a B2B space that requires a lot of background work on first consult.

Step Two: Process and utilize recorded consultation call content

Step Two is simple: once you’ve recorded your consultation call, use a transcription service like Otter.ai or Descript (we use the latter) to turn your spoken conversation into a neatly typed script.

Then, when you’re saving the transcript to your computer, you can organize files by topics or questions, which will make pulling out valuable insights later a breeze. For instance, you can categorize them into themes such as ‘Client Obstacles’ or ‘Effective Strategies’.

Finally, act like a detective and comb through these transcripts yourself, or with the help of ChatGPT. Look for insights like recurring challenges, standout advice, or responses that light up your clients, and write them down.

Step Three: Create marketable content based on call insights

Ready to start transforming those calls into money-making assets?

All you have to do is take those golden insights and mint them into different content currencies like blog posts, snappy newsletters, or FAQs that directly answer real client inquiries.

You can even summarize key points from your calls and record new video content, almost like short, personal TED Talks. These can help boost visibility and filter more leads from audiences across multiple platforms.

Aren’t sure what kind of content you can create from your sales consultation call transcripts?

Some examples include landing pages, product and sales pages, social proof pop-ups, video lead ads, retargeting campaigns, email marketing, case studies, and even webinars or masterclasses.

But if you need help learning how to create this kind of content, we suggest scheduling a free consultation with our founder, or bookmarking one or all of these complimentary guides to read later on:

HINT: Use your newly created content as a follow-up love letter to your clients, showing that you value the conversation and are actively listening. An example email could be, “Hey [Name], I thought a lot about what you said regarding [Topic]. Check out this quick video where I dive into that a bit more. Hope it helps!”

Step Four: Leverage consultation call content for new revenue streams

Have your original insights list handy?

You may have already created some marketable content from these insights, but I want to quickly highlight how each consultation can reveal something like a ‘wishlist’ from your prospects that can inspire new products, courses, or workshops.

For example, a mental health coach might turn frequent questions about stress management into a popular online course. Then they can use these questions to help draw in people and convince them to click the ‘buy’ button by explaining how the product or course can tangibly solve those questions!

From there, you can use relevant marketing content on your website and social media channels to attract and convert new clients and students to your new paid offerings.


Step 5: Monitor and scale your services and strategies based on what you learn

Sure, you’ve been able to create great new content that you can turn into sellable, monetizable assets for your business…

…but that doesn’t mean abandoning the products and services you already offer!

Instead, use tools like Google Analytics to keep an eye on how the new content, courses, and products perform, then use those insights to improve existing paid offerings and marketing funnels.

Basically, as you continue to find out what truly resonates with your audience, you can adjust your products and services accordingly.

And believe us, when your products and services more closely target the actual problems your prospects are having, and when you’re able to speak to solutions with real testimonials and questions from leads, you’ll end up making way more sales in the long run!

(P.S. We offer clients a private analytics platform to use, so make sure to ask your website management team about that if you want a Google Analytics alternative).

Your sales consultation calls aren’t just a one-and-done deal

As you start implementing this framework into your business, remember that every consultation call holds the potential to generate new opportunities for growth and income. Think of these calls not just as client interactions but as content goldmines waiting to be tapped.

Speaking of sales consultations, you’re welcome to book a free consultation with our founder to explore next steps for your website, marketing, and sales strategies, no obligation necessary.

We would be eager to help you solve your issues, even if you don’t sign on with us. You might even find your questions become an essential part of how we run our business!

Until then!

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