Membership and Course Sites

At The Digital Navigator, we provide our clients with peace of mind that they are getting a service that is fit for their needs. We specialize in building course sites and membership sites for your business.

Proven to Help All – From Start-Up to Advanced Users Statement

The Digital Navigator utilizes a software stack that is100% integrated and has been proven to be successful with our start-up clients and all our clients with a significant Subscription Base with numerous product offerings.


Just getting started?

There are a lot of options for creating your membership site and that can feel overwhelming. The Digital Navigator is here to help you determine the right WordPress version to use.


Looking to advance?

There are a lot of premium plug-ins that can take your WordPress Business site to the next level. As a client, we will help you improve your site’s speed, performance, and being found via the search engines.

If you are concerned about how much does a membership website cost, or if there are additional fees with growing your website, The Digital Navigator can consult with you on the different options.

Selling On-Demand & Real Time Courses to Generate Revenue

Online courses

Online courses

Many of our clients need to sell online and offer real time courses to generate revenue. These online classes through your website can offer a steam of revenue that you did not originally plan for. With WordPress, you will need to have an advanced plug-in to offer learning management features. The Digital Navigator suggests using LearnDash, a complete WordPress LMS plug-in with all the learning management features ready for your course sites.

You can also integrate LearnDash to create a powerful website with online courses as well as membership subscriptions. How to create an online course should be a process that is exciting and a way to bring in an extra revenue stream.

Create Member Only Content

Create Member Only Content

It’s easier than ever to create member only content on your website. Talk to us about a new website or redesign to build your membership site. We work with ActiveMember360 to share content and provide our clients with helpful information. You can check out our webinar,

Save massive amount of time (and Frustration) with an all-in-one online courses and membership website that scales.


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Generate Lead Lists and Emails

By creating lead lists of your clients or potential prospects, you will increase your chances of building a pipeline and closing more deals. It’s important to have a repository of contact information for your future and current client base so can continue to market to your lists.

However, it can be hard to collect that contact information of people. Luckily, there are some ways that we can help you create and generate lead lists.

We always suggest adding signup and log-in forms for each new online course, webinar, activity, forum, or whatever you are hosting on your site to track your prospects activity. This action will allow you to collect key information on individuals and build out your pipeline. If your prospects are interested enough in learning about your content, chances are they may be interested enough in investing in your product or service.

The Digital Navigator offers several different strategies to generate lists for you.
Indoctrination Emails
Contact Forms Optimized

Learn how to sell substantially more to your email list with indoctrination emails.

Build Recurring Revenue

Everything we do is focused upon driving sales and measuring success to optimize sales and gain a complete line of sight into your pipeline. With our services, seamlessly build recurring revenue, driving your in sales. Our flexible model can work with any of our client’s internal team members from administrators down to the technology experts.

Creating membership levels

Paid member subscriptions are a great way to increase your overall revenue. Creating memberships subscriptions that users can purchase makes your content more valuable and helps you grow. It’s up to you to determine the different levels of membership, the different pricing plans, perks, and access for each level.

Restrict access based on membership levels

By restricting access based on certain membership levels, you can create a level of exclusivity that will make people feel more part of a community and value your content much more.

Create a Pricing Page & Add Payment Methods

The page that your clients see regarding your pricing will either excite or possibly drive them away.

When it comes to adding the ability to collect payments, we recommend WooCommerce/Stripe because with Stripe, customers stay in your store during checkout instead of being redirected to an externally hosted checkout page, and has been proven to lead to higher conversion rates.

Hear from Others

Taking our word for it is one thing, but hearing from peers in your space is another. We have worked with many companies and have proven online business concepts for audiences and income growth for businesses just like yours.

Schedule a Consultation Today

Schedule a consultation with one of The Digital Navigator leaders to learn about our ability to create and design your course sites and membership sites. Our team of experts is excited to get to know you and work with your team.

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