Fully Integrated eCommerce and Payment Website

Peace of mind with hands-on support and marketing expertise to increase sales

No more playing whack-a-mole fighting fires as our team seamlessly integrates your eCommerce website and payment system while providing behind the scenes support. We reach out to 3rd party software providers on your behalf to save you precious time.

You’ll enjoy interacting with our website customer service representatives that are trained on processes and solutions, not technological jargon, giving you a human experience.

Get started with a complimentary website audit or consultation.

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"In our first conversation they shed some light on the exact technical reasons that our online sales strategy was not working. Since switching to The Digital Navigator, they have directly helped to grow our business by 189%."

Alex Cantaboni

Owner, Safe Pro Pest Control

eCommerce and Online Payment Websites

Predictably and Reliably Scale Your Business

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All-In-One Platform

Save your team countless hours of frustration with integrations that connect your online sales and marketing tools.

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Increase Sales

Use proven marketing tactics to increase your number of orders, average order size and lifetime customer value.

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Peace of Mind

Enjoy Fort Knox security, ongoing maintenance, reliable backups and monitoring to ensure your site is always operational.

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Talk with an eCommerce and online sales optimization consultant to improve your website’s competitive advantage and increase your profitability. Our team of experts is excited to get to know you and work with your team.

Why Your eCommerce Business is Struggling to Scale

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The Problem

As your eCommerce site grows your website becomes increasingly complex to manage and maintain. Your team is forced to waste time troubleshooting issues and responding to customers. Implementing new marketing strategies requires additional software which multiply issues

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Managing developers and marketers is expensive

Many businesses use freelancers or employees to meet their marketing and IT needs. Marketers and developers point the blame at each other when things go South, leaving you to problem solve. As your business grows, it becomes a nightmare to manage these experts operating on islands.

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Combining Technology and Marketing

We’re expert at creating marketing strategies and executing all of the technology for eCommerce and online payment businesses. In addition to maintaining all of your software, we collaborate with your existing team and provide direction to maximize your sales while providing an amazing experience for your customers.

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With our all-in-one platform we’ll save your team tons of time, save money from changing software, and scale your business as we optimize your marketing campaigns. It will feel like a breath of fresh air as you go back to working on your business!

“Our needs for our online lead generation company outgrew our current employees. Their integrated tech stack of websites, landing pages, and payment systems has been so successful that we expanded into two verticals in radically different industries.”

Brian Appleton

Co-Owner, Elevated Advisors

Helping eCommmerce Businesses Save Time, Get More Leads and Optimize Online Sales

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Save your team countless hours

Most eCommmerce businesses already have an amazing team. We collaborate with your team by removing obstacles, offloading their work during peak months and teaching them our tricks.

  • Producing on-demand how-to videos for your team
  • Reaching out to 3rd party suppliers on your behalf
  • Publishing your content, design updates and emails
  • Customizing your eCommerce website
  • Configuring automated email marketing campaigns
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Convert more visitors into leads

Over 90% of website visitors never come back. As a marketing agency we’ll help you collect the contact details of your visitors to get more leads and ultimately more customers. We provide all of the tools for lead generation campaigns and are available to consult on your strategy.

  • Email marketing and ad management
  • Quizzes, surveys and calculators
  • Analytics, visual heat maps and lead tracking
  • Affiliates, eCommerce and payment processing
  • Abandonned cart recovery automation
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eCommerce sales optimization

Increase your revenue with small incremental changes that add up to significant year-over-year growth. Consult with our online marketing experts to implement sales strategies in your store.

  • Coupons, limited-time offers and special sales
  • Order bumps directly on your checkout
  • 1-Click upsells and downsells post-checkout
  • AB testing and experimention
  • Subscriptions and recurring income
  • Automated follow-up on visitors that leave your site
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"Pol really GETS the psychology of marketing in a practical way so your lead gen system is simple, successful and built around the highest level of value. Pol is also a gem of a human being, he has my highest recommendation!"

Ali Walter

Founder, Lumentri


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Our team of experts is excited to get to know you and work with your team.
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