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Small Business SEO Services

Our small business SEO services installs a reliable pipeline of leads in your business. This is a predictable method of scaling your sales into the future.

As prospects search for solutions to specific problems on Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo and other search engines, your business website appears with the answer.

This positions you as a trusted expert which facilitates the sales process while pre-qualifying your leads to avoid wasting the time of your sales team.

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Seach Engine Optimization

Predictably and Reliably Scale Your Business

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Consistent Leads

Search traffic is stable and less volatile, offering you a predictable stream of qualified leads.

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Increase Sales

Establish your expertise and close sales faster by providing answers to the questions your leads are searching on Google.

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Peace of Mind

Leads continue to flow regardless of turnover within your team, while you’re away and regardless of your ad spend.

In our first conversation they shed some light on the exact technical reasons that our online sales strategy was not working. Since switching to The Digital Navigator, they have directly helped to grow our business by 189%.”


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Why Your Digital Marketing Campaigns Aren’t Driving Sales

The Problem

The Problem

Most businesses invest significant resources to run paid ad campaigns or publish extensive content without seeing a positive return on investment. Keeping up with pay-to-play advertising and search engine best practices is a full-time job due to never ending updates.

Paid Advertising is Rigged

Paid Advertising is Rigged

Paid advertising platforms are risky as the only lead acquisition channel due to rising costs, random account penalties and shifting regulation that limits your ability to reach the right audience.

Content Marketing Shortcomings

Content Marketing Shortcomings

Publishing articles, podcasts and labor-intensive guides engage your existing audience but fail to attract new qualified leads due to technicalities such as behind-the-scenes code or wording that differs slightly from what searchers type in Google.



The Digital Navigator handles all aspects of your lead generation campaign to bring in new qualified leads from search engines. Your team only has to provide expertise during short guided interviews and approve the final drafts while we handle the research, coding, writing and publishing.

“Our needs for our online lead generation company outgrew our current employees. Their integrated tech stack of websites, landing pages, and payment systems has been so successful that we expanded into two verticals in radically different industries.”

Brian Appleton

Co-Owner, Elevated Advisors

Affordable SEO Services Designed to Save Time, Reduce Costs, Drive Sales and Make Your Team Smile!

Our collaborative approach to SEO, digital marketing and IT solutions means you always have the right person at your fingertips at a fraction of the cost of hiring while empowering your existing team.

Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration

Our team works with your existing team, getting them unstuck when doubts arise and stepping in for urgent deadlines.

Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials

Our clients love that we provide on-demand video tutorials to their team so they can learn new skills or save important business documentation.

Expertise on Hand

Expertise on Hand

Tap into our team of copywriters, SEO specialists, web developers, marketing automation experts, digital marketing strategists and ad buyers to avoid the headache of managing multiple freelancers.

Cost Saving

Cost Saving

Hiring a team of talent to grow your sales online is costly when you add up training, wages, benefits and the salary of a top level manager.

Avoid Tech Stress

Avoid Tech Stress

Our team of developers solve issues before they arise and deploy all technical aspects of your digital marketing campaigns.

Time Saver

Time Saver

Only show up for short guided interviews to capture your expert opinion and approve the final draft for publishing, or if you prefer we can work with your team of writers directly.

Sales Acceleration

Sales Acceleration

We use proven strategies that create measurable results. Everything we do is focused on driving sales for your business.

Tips for Optimizing Your Website’s SEO to generate sales

Your competitors have a very good chance of ranking above you in the search results if your business’ website is not optimized according to the search engine’s rules.
Apply these tips to provide the best experience to users of Google and other search engines so that your business rises to the top of the search results.

The Digital Navigator can guide you through our methodology and teach you how to grow utilizing SEO to drive consistent sales. Our clients love that we collaborate with their team, share our expertise willingly, and fill gaps within their teams according to their needs.

Optimal Keywords
Optimal Keywords

Research search terms (“keywords”) relevant to your business via specialized SEO software applications such as ahrefs and classify search terms according to their monthly search volume and difficulty to rank.

Dive deep into the searches that your customers are making
Publish Relevant Content

Insert your keywords across different web pages while avoiding repetition to get found on search engines and showcase your expertise to capture qualified leads.

Stay current with trends in your industry
Coding Best Practices

Follow search engines’ coding best practices and ensure your website loads within 1.5 seconds to boost your business’ ranking within the search engines.

Understand search intent
Gain External Links

Publish content on other websites or participate in interviews to gain links from external websites (“backlinks”) to increase your visibility on search engines.

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Private Analytics

Optimizing Your SEO Leads Through Data Analytics

When working with an SEO agency or on your own, you define a clear content strategy as the driving force to generate sales. In addition to using data from professional SEO tools to identify keywords (“search terms”) you need to record website visitor interaction to adapt your strategy.

Since user behavior continually evolves you can use software to view visual heat maps of visitor interactions, understand your most popular and least popular content, and update your strategy to stay at the forefront of the game.

When working with The Digital Navigator, we provide your team with all the necessary data analytics tools, interpret the information and provide actionable insights.

We are happy to teach your team how to understand the data to optimize your leads and sales.

Optimizing Your Software

How to Get Ranked On Google Page 1

Getting ranked on the first page of Google will be a strong win for you and your business. Most of the time, people don’t look beyond the first page when completing a Google search. Getting your business listed at the front of the line maximizes your sales and profits.
We suggest starting with these three points of practice:
Understand Google’s Algorithms
Understand Google’s Algorithms

This is a complex topic and is at the root of  implementing an SEO strategy that yields a high return. Google admits that most marketers get confused by their algorithms but those that master Google’s language bring in the business for their clients.

Google is constantly updating and improving the way they produce results so it’s in your best interest to keep updated with your comprehension of their algorithm.

There are plenty of free online resources available to help track changes but if you are really going to drive sales via SEO then you should understand Google’s SEO Starter Guide or hire an expert.

Assess your current rankings and set your goals
Assess your rankings and set goals
By understanding your current search rankings and setting specific traffic goals over a precise period of time you can map out a clear strategy to reach your destination. With a clear plan in place, you can plug away, make changes based on data from user behavior, and start growing sales.

Our SEO Strategy and Executive Report always includes traffic projections, growth expectations, action items in order of importance and a content plan outline.

Track your progress
Track your progress
Set up SEO dashboards, track keyword searches, monitor visitor activity on your website and use analytical data to refine your strategy.

By tracking and monitoring your progress, you can stay on top of what is working and where you can improve, an essential part of business growth. You will not be able to advance to the next level without monitoring each step you take.


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