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The Digital Navigator offers multiple website solutions including design, hosting, Fort Knox type security, ongoing optimization, scaling, Ecommerce sites, & more.

Of all the areas that we focus on, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services is an area that we have found dramatically offers a predictable method of scaling your sales into the future. Our ability to provide small business SEO services allows us to be a top SEO agency in the field.


“Prior to utilizing The Digital Navigator’s services, we had been with another agency which had built our website and implemented an SEO plan for us. Although our sales were growing rapidly, we were not seeing enough sales to justify our online expenditure with our previous agency over several months. Fortunately, we were introduced to The Digital Navigator and in our first conversation they shed some light on the exact technical reasons that our online Sales Strategy was not working.

Since switching to The Digital Navigator, they have directly helped to grow our business by189%. I know this because they measure everything and I mean everything which seems to be an anomaly in the digital marketing world except for these guys. Plus, when I take a vacation or time off, I always know that everything related to our technology is taken care of. I see us continuing to use their services indefinitely because of their results.”

Alex Cantaboni

Owner of Safe Pro Pest Control

Optimizing Your Website’s SEO
to generate sales

If the search engines identify that your business’s website is not optimized based on their rules, there is a very good chance that they will not position your listing above your competitor(s).

To improve your website’s competitive advantage and increase traffic to your website, you can talk with a search engine optimization consultant. The Digital Navigator can guide you through our methodology and teach you how to significantly grow utilizing SEO to drive sales consistently. It’s important to us that you are partnering with an SEO agency that helps provides effective and affordable search engine optimization.

Optimal Keywords
Optimal Keywords

Research via specialized software applications and identifying keywords that are most relevant to your business will provide added interest to your audience when they’re searching for your services/products.

Dive deep into the searches that your customers are making
Dive deep into the searches that your customers are making

Ultimately this is a science, and it takes time to research exactly how your customers are searching for your products/services so that you can properly optimize your website.

Stay current with trends in your industry
Stay current with trends in your industry

if you are aware of the trends and hot topics in your industry, you can publish material that is relevant to your clients and that will draw in new business.

Understand search intent
Understand search intent

Clients are typically searching with a goal or purpose and by understanding your customer base and their search intent. information.

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Private Analytics

Optimizing Your Software
Stack Analytics

You must have a calculated approach when designing your software stack. When working with an SEO agency or on your own, you will begin your planning with defining a clear strategy as the driving force of your software stack. Assess where you currently stand today, outline all the technological abilities that you have and/or are missing, and use that information to drive your plan forward.

This is not a process that can be completed in one meeting or even in a few days. Optimizing your software stack is an ever changing process that you and your team will have to manage for the entirety of your business career, if you want to stay at the forefront of the game. It takes a lot of planning and patience but when you take calculated risks, you will present high ranking results.

Optimizing Your Software

How to Get Ranked High On Google

Getting ranked on the first page of Google will be a strong win for you and your business. Most of the time, people don’t go look beyond the first page when completing a Google search. So, getting your business’s listed to the front of the line can drive your sales and profits.

We suggest starting with these three points of practice:
Understand Google’s Algorithms
Understand Google’s Algorithms

This is a complex topic and is at the root of you implementing a SEO strategy that yields a high return. Google itself admits that most marketers get confused by their algorithms but the marketers that master the tool, bring in the business for their clients.

Google is constantly updating and improving the way they produce results so it’s in your best interest to keep updated with your comprehension of their algorithm.

There are plenty of free online resources available to help track changes but if you are really going to drive sales via SEO then you should purchase some of the best applications for your research.

Assess your current rankings and set your goals
Assess your current rankings and set your goals

By understanding your current search rankings and then identifying where you want to be, you can begin to understand the path that you have to create. With a clear plan in place, you can plug away, make changes, and start growing sales.

Track your progress
Track your progress

Set up SEO dashboards, track keyword searches, use Google’s analytical data for insight on your results.

By tracking and monitoring your progress, you can stay on top of what is working and where you can improve, an essential part of business growth. You will not be able to advance to the next level without monitoring each step you take.


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