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The Digital Navigator offers a wide range of both marketing resources and digital resources to help our clients grow in sales and income. Schedule a free consultation with us to discuss strategies for getting more sales and improve your marketing.

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Free Masterclasses Available

We teach proven online business concepts for audiences and income growth. You will learn about our digital resources and marketing resources.

Boost Your Sales with a Fully Optimized Website

Gain significant knowledge of exactly how to optimize your website for the search engines, how to avoid wasting money on your ads by optimizing your website and increase traffic to your website. When you attend you’ll learn simple strategies to generate sales and save money with your website.


Lead and Sales Engine
Quickly Turn Your Website into a Lead and Sales Engine

Learn simple strategies to capture qualified leads’ information and follow-up to close sales. In this class, you will understand effective strategies to increase the visibility of your promotions and special offers, collect the contact information of visitors, and get more requests for quotes, discovery calls, and sales inquiries.


Lead and Sales Engine
Security Masterclass

Free Masterclass: Your Website Is Not Compliant Webinar. Simple strategies to capture qualified leads’ information and follow-up to close sales


Indoctrination Emails
Sell Substantially More with Indoctrination Emails
Learn simple strategies to generate and automate sales with Indoctrination Emails. You’ll walk away with simple yet practical strategies to implement in your automated sales system, improve the open rate of emails, avoid missing opportunities to sell, and gain knowledge.


Sell Substantially More with Indoctrination Emails
Quickly Turn Your Virtual Meetings into Lead and Sales Engines

We will teach you how to improve the impact and retention of your content in virtual meetings, avoid unwanted visitors from joining, and gain knowledge about different software to us / how that will influence sales. Learn simple yet practical strategies to implement for generating and automating sales with your virtual meetings


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The Digital Navigator offers downloadable resources for clients for continuous education. These downloadable items offer both digital resources and marketing resources so there is a wide variety of information available.

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High Converting Landing Page Checklist

You worked hard to get them to your page so you had better ensure you win the trust of the maximum number of visitors with the proven elements included in our checklist.

Sales Funnel Templates

Sales Funnel Templates Pack

Learn to convert more visitors into clients from the free Sales Funnel Template Packs. In this resource, you will learn to save time with fillable PDF templates, convert visitors into clients, save money, avoid broken funnels, and reduce the complexity of your systems to sell more.

perfect offer

Entry-Point Offer Worksheet

Use this Formula and Conversion Tool for turning more prospects into clients with the perfect offer! We will show you the essential formal for conversion, how to use entry-points as a bridge, convert prospects, and double your conversion rates.

Guide for CPAs and Lawyers

2020 Guide to Doubling Website Sales for CPAs & Attorneys

This guide is exclusively for Attorneys, CPAs, and other professional service firms that are frustrated with their website’s performance. If you fit this description and want a quick & easy path skyrocketing your website’s performance & generating double the organic traffic, warm leads & client conversions then download this today.

Recommended Software and Tools

Recommended Software and Tools

The Digitial Navigator offers some of the best resources, tools, and software available. Access the tools that we use within our business and with our clients to increase sales, capture more leads, and improve your business.

Some of the specific tools that we utilize are Active Campaign, WordPress plugins, Deadline Funnel, Cookie Management, and AddEvent, but we also have resources to assist with privacy law compliance, webinar software, and other general practices. Our clients have access to the top of the line resources for getting more sales and improving marketing.


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