How to create attractive lead magnets for your products, programs, and courses

Published Date:  05 Feb, 2024 | Updated Date:  08 Apr, 2024

We all want to entice visitors to our website, and we all want their contact information when we get there…that’s what a lead magnet is all about, right?

Well, yes and no. It’s true that this is the main function of a lead magnet, but what some are quick to forget is that lead magnets are also a gateway to your product sales funnel.

That means your lead magnets are like a receptionist: they’re your first point of contact with your target audience and future customers…which means you definitely want to make sure they’re functioning to their fullest potential.

So how do course creators, online trainers, and spiritual mentors (like yourself) create effective lead magnets to boost that point of contact?

Actually, the process for how to create a lead magnet is quite simple, and it all starts with truly understanding the purpose of your lead magnet.

Then you simply:

  • Identify your target audience and their pain points
  • Choose a friendly format for your content that suits your brand and aims
  • Create valuable content that acts as the centerpiece of your lead magnet
  • Design a lead magnet landing page that attracts the right audience to engage with your sales and marketing funnel

In fact, why don’t we break these steps down even further, starting with how to create a lead magnet for your website that will unlock your full lead generation potential!

So let’s get started!

4 Simple Steps to Create a High-Converting Lead Magnet for Your Website

When we are creating marketing processes for our own website, we like to keep it super simple and accessible.

That’s how we came up with these four straightforward steps that don’t over-complicate the process of lead magnet creation for lead magnet creators, so you can focus on what you want to share as opposed to how you’re going to share it:

Understand the purpose of your lead magnet and lead magnet funnel

When we at The Digital Navigator try to narrow down what kind of content we should deliver for our lead magnets, we always ask ourselves:

What kind of tangible experience can we offer to potential customers?

That’s because lead magnets and lead magnet funnels work best when they offer an experiential component that strikes a good balance between technique and explanation.

We recommend you start off on the same foot the next time you want to create a lead magnet for a product or program offering through your website.

Then, as you work to understand the purpose of your lead magnet, brainstorm the high-level benefits your lead magnet has to offer.

That way you’ll be better equipped to capture your audience’s attention with these strong additions to your marketing and landing page copy later on.

HINT:A good way to make your lead magnet is to think about your offer and what you are trying to sell. Then break that down into a smaller piece that your prospect can access, which represents what they would get if they invested in your paid offer. This ensures consistency, relevance, and usefulness for your business, brand, and most importantly, your customer or prospect.

Identify your target audience and their pain points

We do a lot of work in identifying the target audience’s of our clients, and as such know how integral it is to develop a deeper understanding of your target audience’s needs and challenges.

That means looking beyond purely demographic information and thinking back to the challenges you faced entering your industry, or gaining your skill.

From these experiences, you can then brainstorm similar obstacles that newer students might face along their journey.

As you then craft an outline for your lead magnet (we’ll talk about form and format in a moment), you can address the specific pain points that your audience may encounter.

This will really grab the attention of those who are seeking the solutions you can provide, and will help aussage any worries or inhibitions your audience may have as they progress along your sales funnel.

Choose an audience-friendly format that aligns with your brand

What kinds of content does your audience like to digest? It’s best to ask them and get audience feedback about what will resonate most, but whatever you choose, you should choose something that is very easily accessible to a wide range of people.

That means your lead magnet could take the form of an eBook, a checklist, a webinar, a template, or any other useful format that allows for an immersive and engaging experience.

P.S. If you choose to create your own webinar lead magnet, we suggest checking out our free Lucrative Webinar Marketing Funnel Masterclass for instructions on how to create an epic lead magnet that truly converts!

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Create valuable lead magnet content with expert insights

Now that you’ve gotten through the main planning stages for your upcoming lead magnet, it’s time to develop the lead magnet content itself.

Remember, you’re wanting to create a lead magnet that genuinely helps your audience solve a problem, or which helps them meet a need, so don’t get distracted with a bunch of showmanship.

HINT: The best way to ensure you’re adding value is to ask, what will happen if your prospect doesn’t purchase anything from you? Will they still benefit from your lead magnet? Did you actually move the needle? You want to make sure you’re providing information that your prospect can apply. That’s why we also suggest you use a downloadable PDF that’s short and easy to finish, as opposed to a 100-page eBook.

Make sure you have your solid idea and format down first, and then use it to create lead magnet content that…

  • Showcases your unique expertise
  • Offers tangible insights
  • Provides valuable solutions to audience problems

Depending on what format you chose, you’ll have to approach design and publication a little differently.

Just don’t fall into the most common traps people get stuck in when it comes to creating a lead magnet for their business website, listed below for your convenience!

What NOT to do when creating a lead magnet

  • Don’t make it all about you. Avoid focusing solely on your business or product in the lead magnet. Instead, center it around solving your audience’s problems and providing value.
  • Don’t overcomplicate it.Keep your lead magnet content simple and easy to understand. Avoid overwhelming your audience with complex information or too many details.
  • Don’t overlook the preparation stage. Neglecting preparation can lead to a disorganized and unprofessional webinar. Plan your content, script, and technology well in advance to ensure a smooth presentation.
  • Don’t neglect listing the benefits of the lead magnet. Clearly communicate what they will gain and how it will address their pain points in your lead magnet content
  • Don’t ignore visual appeal. Neglecting the visual presentation can make your lead magnet unattractive. Invest in visually appealing design and graphics to make it engaging.
  • Don’t neglect audience engagement. Don’t deliver a one-way lecture without engaging your audience. Encourage interaction through Q&A sessions, polls, or chat to keep participants involved.

Now get to creating that lead magnet!

Once it’s complete, then you can begin creating the landing page that is going to act as the main marketing tool through which your audience can access the amazing free content you just created.

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6 Steps to Create a Successful Landing Page for Your Lead Magnet Content

It’s pretty exciting to create a lead magnet, but the whole point of that content is to become publicly available!

That means creating a lead magnet landing page to ‘house’ your lead magnet, where students, clients, and prospects can go to get the benefits of that asset.

But what is the best way to create that lead magnet landing page for your marketing assets?

Well, in general, there a few mainstay ‘rules’ we follow to curate a great lead magnet landing page, including:

  • The use of short paragraphs, bullet points, subheaders, and bolded text for easily scannable content
  • The use of writing tactics that keep readers engage and make it easy for reader to grasp key information quickly
  • The placement of clear, compelling CTA buttons throughout landing pages to prompt sign-ups or further exploration, ensuring they are aligned with your overall conversion goals

We’ve even shared our 3 Step Guide to Create a High-Converting Landing Page for Your Website.

Yet for the most part, when it comes to lead magnet landing pages, you’ll want to follow this basic six-step process to create a webpage that helps improve the visibility of the lead magnet you just created.

Craft a compelling opening headline

Create a page title that grabs audience attention by conveying – in the clearest way possible – the direct value of your lead magnet.

You can add a paragraph or subtitle that expands on these initial ideas underneath (much like you see on our main home page at The Digital Navigator), just make sure you’re clearly communicating what your audience will gain from the lead magnet content.

Then, as you continue to curate the rest of your landing page content, you can refer back to those pain points and audience brainstorming sheets from earlier for more ideas on what to include in your landing page copy.

Design engaging visuals

From video to static images, you want to use eye-catching visuals on your landing pages that entice visitors to scroll further and engage with your lead magnet.

As always, visual elements should align with the content, as well as be consistent with your overall brand, yet we encourage you to get creative in designing fun visual elements across the page that support excitement about your lead magnet.

Sure, you can always get stock images, but we’ve found a ton of success using StorySet to procure branded graphics, and then have a designer on-hand to cultivate infographics and cover images for our content and landing pages.

We recommend you do the same!

Emphasize the immediate benefits

This element of your landing page creation should be a no brainer…you’ve already cemented all the benefits of your lead magnet…

…now you just have to include those benefits on your landing page in a coherent and accessible way that also makes it clear to viewers exactly what they’re signing up to receive.

And of course, this is a repeat opportunity to highlight how your lead magnet addresses audience pain points, and what solutions you provide to those who are having problems in your niche or industry.

Leverage multiple touchpoints

As your landing page moves forward into the design and publication stage, make sure you’re considering (and implementing) multiple touch points to promote your lead magnet.

These can be anything from website banners, to email marketing campaigns, to social media blasts that reach your main audience…

…just make sure you’re staying super consistent with your content creation across these mediums.

You wouldn’t want to promise someone something somewhere, only to find that you didn’t repeat your promise elsewhere, like on your lead magnet landing page.

Follow-up strategically

The best part about the content you create is that you can ask your existing audience what they think about it.

This type of feedback is instrumental in dictating how you’re going to move forward with content development, including the kinds of content you’ll end up creating.

As such, it’s important that – once you’ve got your landing page content up and running, and your lead magnet is accessible to viewers – you develop a strong follow-up strategy to engage those who end up signing up to receive your lead magnet content.

Then, continue to nurture these leads through email marketing, additional content, or personalized offers that are available only to those who gave feedback on your brand.

Analyze and optimize

When your landing page goes live, you’ll begin to see data rolling in about page visits, conversions, and impressions.

Again, this data is critical to help you monitor the performance of your lead magnet and lead magnet funnel as you grow, and to help you make improvements to your site that reflect the wants and needs of the audience you serve.

HINT: Utilize A/B testing for your landing pages to ensure you know what works best (and what doesn’t), and to help optimize page elements like headlines, images, and CTA buttons.

All that said, there are definitely some big no-nos that we do our best to avoid for ourselves and on behalf of clients when it comes to landing page creation.

Here are a few we include in our style guide to foster the development of a landing page that doesn’t fall flat, or which doesn’t help with our overall marketing aims:

What NOT to do when creating a landing page for your lead magnet:

  • Don’t over-crowd with content. Avoid cluttering your landing page with excessive text or information. Keep it concise, focusing on the key selling points.
  • Don’t make your page navigation heavy. Landing pages should have minimal navigation options. Avoid distracting links or menus that may divert visitors away from the main goal.
  • Don’t neglect mobile optimization. Failure to optimize for mobile devices can result in a poor user experience. Ensure your landing page is responsive and mobile-friendly (this is something we can help with!).
  • Don’t use irrelevant content. Avoid using content that doesn’t align with your audience’s needs or the offer. Keep the content relevant and directly related to the conversion goal.

But that’s about it!

That’s all it takes to create an incredible landing page for your new lead magnet.

Now get creating–we can’t wait to see what you come up with to help promote your expertise to your prospects and customers online.

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Dear lead magnet creators: Don’t stop creating lead magnets after the first one

Often, when we get coaching to create lead magnets, we get instructions for how to do one, but don’t often get clarity on how we are supposed to integrate MORE lead magnet creation into our existing content process.

Thankfully, as you begin to create one lead magnet after another, you’ll start to see how starting with lead magnet creation can actually jumpstart your whole marketing process, creating a sustainable system for content development that doesn’t burn you out.

So, as you continue to cultivate another lead magnet (and many more after that), just keep in mind these central takeaways:

  • Lead magnets are pivotal in captivating potential customers, specifically when they offer an experiential component.
  • Balancing technique and explanation is essential to create compelling content.
  • Crafting scannable content with short paragraphs, bullet points, and visual elements improves readability and engagement.
  • Highlighting high-level benefits grabs the audience’s attention and piques their interest.
  • Providing immediate experiential elements can build trust and rapport with your audience.
  • Employing multiple touchpoints and follow-up strategies can significantly enhance conversion rates.

Truly, we’ve found these tips to be a real asset for our clients as they start implementing their lead magnets into a full marketing funnel (which you can learn how to do here).

In the meantime, you should have no problem creating an effective lead magnet that not only attracts potential customers…

…but also guides them to ascend down your sales and marketing funnel to become loyal leads and customers for your online business.

Until next time!


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Free On-Demand Masterclass

4 Steps to Build a Lucrative Marketing Funnel for Course Creators, Coaches and Spiritual Teachers

A Girl Sit front of computer and filling a multi step form