Full Service Web Management

Save time for your team, gain peace of mind and make more sales

All-in-One Website Marketing Solution

Empower your team with a one-stop shop to scale your business online. They are never in the dark with access to our in-house customer service team that uses non-technical language to avoid confusion. We also produce how-to video tutorials when requested.

Stay focused on growing your business as we handle all the marketing tech by integrating all your sofware, deploy marketing campaigns, publish your content and troubleshoot issues by reaching out to 3rd party vendors on your behalf.

Our website management services includes design, hosting and Fort Knox security for businss websites, eCommerce, Courses, and Memberships.

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Our Website Management Services Are Designed To Scale

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Business Lead Generation Websites

Attract, track and capture leads from paid advertising, search engines (SEO), affiliates, social media and referrals.

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Membership and Course Websites

Host your courses and membership, provide stellar experiences with automation and reduce stress by handing off all your tech.

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eCommerce and Payment Websites

Increase sales with simple payment forms, WooCommerce online, stores, upsells, downsells, abandonned cart automation and affiliates.

“Our needs for our online lead generation company outgrew our current employees. Their integrated tech stack of websites, landing pages, and payment systems has been so successful that we expanded into two verticals in radically different industries.”

Brian Appleton

Co-Owner, Elevated Advisors

Website, Marketing and Technology

All-In-One Website and Marketing Tools to Scale

Customized Website Audit Plan

New Website or Website Redesign

Many of our clients want to build a new website or redesign an existing website in anticipation of a marketing campaign to generated more leads and sales.

  • Development by a team of expert marketers
  • Dedicated customer service team in non-technical language
  • Consistent design through creation of a style guide (“UI Kit”) and robust review and approval process
  • Includes suite of marketing tools that are fully integrated and grow with your business
  • Includes lead capture pages, blogs and video library
  • Optional copywriting service to eliminate countless hours of writing
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Not all websites are coded the same although they may look identical

Our all-in-one website solution and ongoing web management service eliminates tech problems that drain time and money.

  • We utilize best coding practices so that your business does not get penalized by Google
  • We build on WordPress, an open-source web service, that utilizes best practices from small and large companies.
  • 1 Second difference in loading speed affects your paid advertising and Google search ranking
  • Our all-in-one web solution gives you the freedom to change direction and try marketing campaigns without buying new software. Follow your rules, not somebody else’s!
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Flexibility and freedom to scale

No more chaos and creeping costs from patching together endless software to execute a new marketing strategy, as we provide everything for:

  • Funnels and landing pages
  • Quizzes, surveys and calculators
  • Analytics, visual heat maps and lead tracking
  • Courses, memberships and protected content
  • Affiliates, eCommerce and payment processing
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Save countless hours and cut expenses

You don’t have to blow up your budget with a full-time IT expert to save your team countless hours struggling with tech as we’ll take care of:

  • Saving daily backups
  • Performing weekly software updates
  • Keeping your website up to date and fixing bugs
  • Reaching out to 3rd party suppliers on your behalf
  • Integrating your software and marketing apps
  • Producing on-demand how-to videos for your team
  • Publishing your content, design updates and emails

"In our first conversation they shed some light on the exact technical reasons that our online sales strategy was not working. Since switching to The Digital Navigator, they have directly helped to grow our business by 189%.”

Alex Cantaboni

~ Owner, Safe Pro Pest Control

Analytics and Data

Maximize and grow your profits by understanding what works and what isn’t working on your website through our private data analytics solution that is fully integrated with your website.

Website analytics includes marketing features, such as a visual heat maps of visitor activity on your web pages while complying with privacy laws (GDPR, CCPA). Use this information to make small adjustments to gain more leads and sales.

We have a flexible model in which we work with any internal member of your team for website management services, analytics, and data protection.

Team Collaboration


Gain a full picture of your business to optimize sales through the measurement of key levers in your business and connecting all the data points.

Video Tutorials


Know what is working to optimize your marketing budget and efforts to sell more through visual heat maps, lead conversion tracking, time on page and traffic reports.

Expertise on Hand


Comply with regulations to protect your data and your clients. We track GDPR, California Compliance (CCPA), international privacy regulation (Australia, Brazil, etc.) and other important regulations.

Membership and Course Sites


The Digital Navigator utilizes a software stack for course and membership sites that is 100% integrated.

It’s been proven to be successful with clients that are in the startup phase to those that have scaled to numerous product offerings with a large subscription membership.

  • Sell on-demand and real-time courses to generate revenue
  • Grow your email list of leads and automate your course and membership enrollment process
  • Build your recurring revenue through subscriptionsand memberships for pece of mind

With our very flexible model, we can work with you personally, an internal member of your team such as a virtual assistantor administrator, or even a technology representative from your team.

Learn more by watching our Free Masterclass: Boost Your Sales with a Fully Optimized Website Simple strategies to generate sales and save money.

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eCommerce and Payment Sites

With The Digital Navigator’s eCommerce and Payment Site options, we can help you setup simple payment forms and complex WooCommmerce online stores.

Flexibility with a decentralized eCommerce Site
Scaling Your eCommerce Site
Easy-to-use Checkout

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of the All-in-One programs that everyone is talking about such as ClickFunnels, Shopify, Kartra and Kajabi.

  • Good – Ready to go off the shelf with pre-packaged features and templates.
  • Bad – You are controlled by the platform’s rules and you can’t implement all your ideas.
  • Ugly – They lack flexibility when your business is ready to scale. They make the rules not YOU.

The Digital Navigator wants to help you make the best decisions, stay in the driver seat, and provide as much support as possible.

Are you interested to learn how to turn your website into a lead and sales engine?

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Small Business Lead Generation SEO Services

There is more to search engine optimization (SEO) than being listed on the first page of Google. Learn about the different SEO services that will help drive sales.

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Optimize Your Software Stack
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