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Terms of Service for Clients

The following terms highlight the most important guidelines for your service plan.

We strive to provide resources so that you can strive with us, regardless of the situation. While these terms are not a comprehensive list of questions and resources, it aims to cover the majority of concerns so that you can quickly understand and access what you need, when you need it.

Office support hours:

Central Standard Time Zone GMT-6 (Central America – Click to open time converter)

Monday to Friday: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Excluding US national holidays

We do not observe daylight saving time and are always in GMT-6 hours

Requesting Help

We will respond to all requests within 48 hours on business days. When submitting requests by email or with a form you will always get an automated reply; please contact us via the live chat if you do not receive a confirmation. You can contact us or submit requests through the following channels:

To discuss billing or your service plan with us, use one of the methods above, and if necessary you can mention that you need to discuss with Pol at the top of your message.

If this request is an emergency, please write “URGENT” or “EMERGENCY” in the subject line so it gets flagged quickly in our inbox. For clarification around emergency situations, please see below.

Completion Time

Request Routing

Requests will be categorized by our customer service team as either a Bug or a New Development request. Optionally, you may use this terminology in your subject line or opening paragraph.

  • Bugs: A feature that used to work is broken, a recent request does not meet your specifications or something is broken on your website.
  • New Development: You need to modify a page or email, images replacement, text modified, a new page created, an email scheduled, software connected or something new created.

Completion Date

The promised completion date will vary for Bugs and for New Development requests.

  • Bugs: The completion date is 3 business days following the date you submit the request. For example, a request submitted on Monday will be completed by Thursday. We will expedite resolution of bugs within this period and you may write “URGENT” in the subject line for critical website issues such as broken form, checkout, or website not visible to the public.
  • New Development: All requests submitted from Monday up to Friday at 4 pm Central Standard Time shall be completed by Friday of the following week.

Remember, if this request is an emergency, please write “URGENT” or “EMERGENCY” in the subject line so it gets flagged quickly in our inbox. For clarification around emergency situations, please see below.

Missing Information and Delays

To avoid delays, please include all the necessary information in your request, including the page URL, links to images, write-ups and videos.

You can submit information by replying to the confirmation email you received when you submitted your request. Respond to your confirmation email and do not make a new submission to avoid delays.

What is Critical Support?

Critical support is extra support when you need help the most. Critical concerns are addressed as quickly as possible. to access critical support, type “URGENT” or “EMERGENCY” in the subject of your request.

Examples of Critical Support

  • Website is down
  • Possible website hack or virus
  • Unable to process payments or issues with the payment system affecting customers
  • The lead collection form on a page receiving paid traffic is broken
  • ActiveCampaign email is sending emails to a group of contacts non-stop (stuck in an infinite email loop)
  • ActiveCampaign email is sending emails to a group of contacts non-stop (stuck in an infinite email loop)

Examples of NON-Critical Support?

  • Updating business hours on your website
  • An email newsletter needs to be sent tomorrow morning
  • An isolated incident with a single user
  • Images, text or information on existing pages need to be updated
  • New page creation

What is included in your plan?

Critical Support Edit Existing Content Publish New Content Content Marketing, Funnels and Ads
Professional Plan
Executive Plan
Marketing Plans

Reasonable use

Each of the plans have limits based on reasonable use. These are loosely enforced as we understand you may have low months that offsets a month with a higher workload.

We understand you may have creative bursts with several requests without needing updates for other extended periods while some businesses will submit updates on a weekly basis.

We will contact you to discuss your options if you consistently go over your plan limits or you submit requests that exceeed your plan.

  • Professional Plan: Unlimited bug fixes, maintenance and critical support without edits or new development requests.
  • Executive Plan: Everything from the Professional Plan and up to 2 requests per week to edit or publish new content.
  • Marketing Plans: Everything from the Executive Plan, weekly office hours, training portal, marketing strategy, funnel creation, content marketing, development and ads management* up to a combined 16 hours per month.

* Ads management is subject to a 10% performance commission on the Monthly Net Revenue when it exceeds $3,000. The Monthly Net Revenue is calculated as the Total Revenue Collected minus Ad Cost Paid to Third Party Platforms.

What is included in Publish/Edit Content requests?

An edit existing content request means a modification to an existing page or asset that is expected to take 30 minutes or less. This includes modifying the written text, changing images, updating videos, adding a new form, inserting a new section within a page, editing a column width, changing backgrounds and colors.

A publish new content request means creating somethign new that is expected to take 30 minutes or less. This includes publishing a blog post, creating a product, publishing a single lesson page to an existing course, schedule an email in ActiveCampaign, connecting a third party app such as Zapier, and creating and connecting a form to an automated email system.

Video editing, image creation, ad creation, content writing and other marketing services are NOT included in publish and edit content requests.

Complex and larger Publish/Edit Content requests

If your request is expected to take more than 30 minutes then we will combined multiple of your unused requests for the month to complete the work.

For example, you need a new page layout template which takes 3 hours to complete, then 6 of your monthly requests will be utilized to fulfill this. We will NOT inform you of this unless you explicitely request it. This is because requests are loosely monitored under our reasonable use policy.

  • Critical Support
  • Executive Plan
  • Business Accelerator Plan
  • Professional Plan
  • Emergency Support
  • Executive Plan
  • Business Accelerator Plan
  • Professional Plan
  • Professional Plan
  • Executive Plan
  • Business Accelerator Plan
  • Professional Plan

Service Policies

Please READ carefully by utilizing a product, service or subscription you (herein referred to as “Client”) agrees to the follow policies stated herein.

Your data is Your data

You always have administrator access to your accounts and website and we will provide you with new login credentials upon request. All of your information and data always remains your property and is accessible to you. You understand that you are responsible for the costs of hiring experts and required services to manipulate your data or perform the migration. In the unlikely event of a dispute or migration of your services to another provider you will have full access to your data and website to perform the transfer. It’s simply the right thing to do.

We understand the value and importance of your website, content, and marketing system for your business. That’s why you own it, always.

Service Activation

New client services are activated within 30 days and all client account login credentials required for us to perform the service activation and setup service must be received by the client within 5 business days of our request for login credentials, unless otherwise agreed. Add-on services are activated within 5 business days.

For website hosting services, the plan starts immediately when you acquire it and the website will be ready to “go live” within 1 week. This period is used to optimized your website code, transfer data, configure the server and perform testing prior to sending live traffic to your website.


This section applies to our Managed WordPress service. Hackers frequently exploit loopholes in old software versions and improper configuration which could cause thousands of dollars in damage. Through regular and timely maintenance, and monitoring, we help to protect your business and keep your assets online. Data stored on our servers is encrypted using 256 bit encryption. If your website gets infected or hacked, and it did not have any prior malware, viruses or other pre-existing exploits, then we will clean and restore your website free of charge in the event such an event occurs.

Updates and Maintenance

This section applies to our Managed WordPress service. Your website and related plugins and add-ons are updated regularly to ensure optimal security and performance of your services and optimal security. For all services we ensure each new software installed is compatible with your setup and will help your revert to backup data if necessary and at no additional cost. We understand it is crucial that your online business stays online. We use our judgement to determine the timing of the updates to maximize performance, reduce risk and minimize potential conflicts between your unique software stack.

Data Protection and Backups

Your website information is backed up daily. This increases the protection of your online business and ensures a speedy recovery in the unlikely event of successful attacks by hackers or other events that may compromise your site. Some clients also want to store an offline backup copy and we will assist you with setting this up for a mutually agreed fee based on frequency, size and location of backups.

High speed Performance

We will help you setup your website on cutting-edge servers that are configured for optimal speed. We guarantee that your website will be at least 10% faster than your current host no matter where you host! If we don’t meet this speed improvement we will continue optimizing your website and hosting to hit this goal or your money back.

Service Uptime and Redundancy

Your electronic commerce platform is meant to stay online; your business and clients depend on it. Our recommended suppliers provide 99.9% uptime and 100% redundancy. We are not responsible and cannot be held liable for service interruptions caused by 3rd parties and our suppliers as our setup services are provided on a best effort basis.

Security Certificate and SSL & HTTPS Checkout

Your service includes the setup of a security certificate to enable HTTPS and SSL checkout (the lock icon) which gives confidence to your visitors that their sensitive information and credit card details are protected. Having an https website is now an important Google ranking factor which means that more visitors find your site through search engines.

Agreement to ActiveCampaign Terms of Service

If you acquire an email marketing plan with us, you are also bound by the Terms of Service of ActiveCampaign. By clicking to indicate your acceptance of the terms of purchase on checkout, or otherwise accessing or using the email marketing services, you agree to these ActiveCampaign Terms of services. Click here to read the ActiveCampaign Terms of Service.

Expiration of Development Hours and Services

Development, support and service hours are valid for a period of up to 12 months from the purchase date. Service hours from monthly service plans and subscriptions do not carry over to the next month when unused.

By using this website and our products and services, both paid and unpaid, you agree to our Terms of Use. If we make changes to our Terms of Sale or Terms of Use, we will post those changes on these respective pages. Please review this page frequently and prior to utilizing our services to remain up-to-date with our Service Policy.

Last Significant Edit

The Terms of Services were updated on March 9, 2024, to further clarify what is included in each service plan and to modify the expected compmletion date based on the Bug or New Development request categorization.

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