Terms of Service for Clients

The following terms highlight the most important guidelines for The Digital Navigator’s clients for managing their service plans. The Digital Navigator team hopes that our clients can quickly find the information necessary when there are questions or concerns.

We strive to provide resources for our clients so that they can thrive with us, regardless of the situation. While these terms are not a comprehensive list of questions and resources, we hope that it covers the majority of concerns so that you can quickly understand and access what you need, when you need it.

Contact Us

If the terms below do not help you or apply to your situation, please send a request to us.

Support Hours

Monday to Friday : 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Central Time

Saturday – Sunday : Closed(excluding US National holidays)

Requesting Help

Sending requests to us is easy. Please follow one of the following processes and we will be sure to respond within 48 hours on business days.

  • Email us at help@thedigitalnavigator.com
  • In your request please include: (1) URL of the page or website, and (2) as much detailed information as possible to help us process your request efficiently.

If it is a complaint, use one of the methods above, but please clearly state that you want to talk to Jim or Pol.

If this request is an emergency, please write “URGENT” or “EMERGENCY” in the subject line so it gets flagged quickly in our inbox. For clarification around emergency situations, please see below.

Requesting Ongoing Support

If you are on a website plan, or our sales systems plans, review what is included in the plan from the following links.

When to Submit Work Requests

Task and work requests should be submitted by Thursday at 4:00pm Central Time USA for work to be scheduled the following week or later. During this one-week time period, our internal team follows a high quality standardized, control process while working on our client’s tasks. This is how we guarantee the high quality of work that our clients praise.

I Need a Task Completed Within 48 Hours – What Do I Do?

That’s ok, we can help. Please fill out a help request form as mentioned above. However, please note, if the request needs to be completed in less than 48 hours there could be additional costs to you.

The Digital Navigator will do it’s best to provide you with high quality work but when the requests are sent for less than 48 hours, the work may not follow the usual quality standardized, control processes.

What is the Estimated Delay Cost?

Missed weekly deadlines for development submission for the following week are quoted around $200 per request. Price may vary and will be determined by The Digital Navigator team.

What is Included in my Specific Plan?

The Digital Navigator offers two different types of plans for clients: Website Performance Solution Plans and Sales System Plans. Both plans have tiered packaging that come with different levels of support.

Website Performance

The Digital Navigator offers a perfectly-fused, done-for-you solution of Smart Managed Services and an Elegant & Optimized Website. In terms of support, each WordPress (WP) website managed performance service plan offers a different level of service.

Critical Support Emergency Support Priority Support
Executive Plan
Business Accelerator Plan
Professional Plan

What is Critical Support?

Critical support is extra support to our clients when they need help the most. Critical concerns are addressed as quickly as possible.

Examples of Critical Support

  • Website is down
  • Website potentially was hacked

What is Emergency Support?

Emergency support is providing support to our clients when it may fall outside of the traditional scope of work. We do our best effort to respond as promptly as possible, even outside of business hours.

Examples of Emergencies?

  • A key website functionality is not working such as the payment/checkout is disabled (i.e. unable to process payments
  • ActiveCampaign email is sending emails to a group of contacts non-stop (stuck in an infinite email loop)
  • The lead collection form on a “landing page” for which we are sending paid advertising traffic (such as FB Ads) is not working

Examples of NON-Emergencies?

  • Updating business hours on website
  • An email newsletter to be sent tomorrow morning
  • An isolated incident with a single user.
    • For example, a single person cannot download a PDF file from your website but it is working for everyone else or when you try to download it yourself.

What is Priority Support?

With priority support, client requests move “ahead of the line” compared to other plans.

The Digital Navigator does not offer any guarantees for requests that need to be completed in less than 48 hours of lead time.

Can I upgrade my plan?

Yes! Contact Jim or Pol using the methods listed above. Or schedule a free 30-minute consultation by clicking here.

Sales System

This Sales System captures highly targeted leads, indoctrinates them in the unique selling proposition of your business, and converts them into new customers. This is a true profit-generating machine that The Digital Navigator offers to clients.

We offer levels of Monitored Support Services for our sales systems’ clients. The Monitored Support Service business hours are currently 9 am to 5 pm Central Time, Monday to Friday, excluding holidays and covers issues that are less than 10 minutes. NOTE: For your convenience, you can now also send SMS messages to chat and you’ll receive SMS messages in response from our team!

Monitored Support Services
Titanium During business days/hours: Mon - Friday 9-5 CST
Platinum During business days/hours: Mon - Friday 9-5 CST
Gold During business days/hours: Mon - Friday 9-5 CST

Submitting information and Assets for your Comprehensive Campaigns and Supporting Projects

You must submit all information and assets by agreed upon date. Please visit our webpage for a more detailed overview: Click here.

If the information and the assets are not submitted by the agreed date, then it could result in a few different outcomes.

  • Project timeline changing. The exact timeline would be discussed as we need to review our other projects.
  • The Digital Navigator will not commence the work and then “fill in the gap” later. We need all of the assets to proceed with development.
  • If assets are not provided in time, then this change in the timeline could also involve a “change order fee” to guarantee that we can reallocate our resources to support clients.
    • The fee is approximately $500 for rescheduling, project management, moving our client accounts, etc.

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