Helping Independent Small Business Owners, CPAs, Legal Professionals, and Online Training Businesses Get More Sales while Eliminating Technology Headaches!

What our clients say…

“Since working with Pol, the volume of customers we serve on a weekly basis has already doubled and working on tripling.

With automation of our systems, we now have space for infinite growth”

Emily Harrison
~ Founder, The Akashic Academy

“We have been in business since 1992 and have tried every type of marketing medium. Jim’s team was referred to me from another business colleague that ranted and raved about what his team was doing for him.

What I most appreciate about Jim’s team is their willingness to understand our business and knowing that his team is persistently caring for our customers online.”

Gary Hirsch
~ Owner, Hirsch’s Speciality Meats

“Jim’s agency is the only one that we have consistently worked with and gone back to since opening our first business nine years ago.

As we have opened five other businesses, I have always gone to Jim’s because of his integrity and ability to take so much off our plate.”

Martin Doan
~ Multi-unit Business Owner

Growing Your Sales Online with Data Driven Marketing and Technology Solutions that Save You Time

Sell More

Optimize your website, email marketing and campaigns to capture more leads and increase lifetime customer value.

Win Back

Everything we do is focused on taking things off your plate to free up valuable time.

Hands Off
Data & Tech

Leverage analytics to scale your business and avoid maddening patchwork problems with end-to-end integrated solutions.
“Pol has helped to streamline our operations in a way that made sense for us. TDN has easily saved us 5-10 hours a week. Simply put, Pol is a maverick when it comes to understanding the mechanics of your business.”

Calvin Witcher, Founder of Calvin Witcher Ministries

What our clients say…

“I am so grateful to have the folks at The Digital Navigator on my team!!! Pol and his team are the key to implementation.

It is such a relief to be able to create and then pass my things on to such capable and responsive professionals. You all work so hard on my behalf.”

Lori Williams
~ Director of Intuitive Specialists

“I’ve been wanting better website data to make more strategic decisions in my online coaching business.

Pol got us all set up and more. I wasn’t expecting to also get clarity on how to improve my blog – but I did – a sweet bonus!”

Benay Dior
~ Managing Director of Universal Coaching Systems

“I am awed at how quickly and smoothly you are handling everything I throw at you, especially since it’s the first time you’ve encountered most of these tasks.

You guys really did your homework preparing to take the reins.”

Rick Ackerman
~ Editor, Rick’s Picks

Free Sales Funnel Templates Pack

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Save time… Fillable PDF templates with examples you can copy!

Increase Sales

Convert visitors into clients with the Short Sales Funnel Example
Save Money with Long Sales funnel

Save money with carefully planned assets to increase conversion numbers with the Long Sales Funnel Example
avoid broken funnels

Avoid broken funnels and wasted resources by mapping out your funnels with our short and long funnel templates
reduce technology complexity

Reduce complexity of your systems and sell more with our weekly tips and offers to convert more clients

“I’m a marketer and business strategist, yet I struggle with my own stuff because I’m just too close to it. Before working with Pol I was swimming in circles with a new launch. I now have a crystal clear plan.”

Ali Walter, Founder of Lumentri

Perfect Blend of Marketing and Technology for Your Online Business

There’s another way to grow your independent small business, CPA, legal services or online training business which gives you more predictable results and doesn’t involve hours of agony in front of a screen.

We understand that business is about people, real living breathing human beings. Our clients say that we care deeply about the success of their business as if it were our own. As your strategic partner we will prioritize our relationship, communication and flexibility.

Pol Cousineau, CPA Auditor (Quebec), President, develops profit strategies through digital marketing while implementing solutions to eliminate technology headaches. He previously worked at Ernst & Young which has given him a data-driven mindset that is unique in the industry.

Jim Traister,VP of Client Success, helps ensure a best-in-class experience exists for our clients while driving their sales via an integrated technology solutions. He previously spent sixteen years mostly in operations and then ran a Hotel & Restaurant College Program before moving into the Digital industry in 2010.

Together we’ll help you:

  • Increase traffic and engagement to generate more leads
  • Generate sales with data-driven marketing campaigns
  • Save time, frustration and wasted dollars from keeping up with marketing technology

We do this through a unique system, our 4-Part The Digital Navigator Method, which strategically helps small independent businesses like yours…

  • Reach IMMEDIATE Targeted Leads with Facebook Advertising
  • Convert MORE Clients with a self-hosted Technology Platform and Sales System
  • OPTIMIZE Sales with Accurate Analytics
  • Grow ORGANICALLY with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
“My #1 goal is to exceed your expectations.”
Pol Cousineau, CPA Auditor (Quebec)
“The only reason to spend money online is to build relationships that drive sales.”
Jim Traister, VP of Client Success

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- Sell more with our weekly tips and offers to convert clients

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