How to Generate Leads with Free Courses | Simple Lead Generation Trick

Published Date:  20 Dec, 2022 | Updated Date:  09 Oct, 2023

Ever think about trying to generate leads with free courses?

An often underlooked strategy to get more leads is to publish a free course or training.

how to generate lead free courses simple lead generation trick

This works particularly well if you provide coaching, manage a membership, sell courses or you are a consultant.

It also works well in unconventional niches. For example, our client that is an equipment manufacturer has a catalog of free courses built with LearnDash to generate leads. Read our article to find out why we recommend LearnDash to publish your online courses.

The easiest way to get started is with a simple form which adds your leads to your email marketing system.

To generate leads with free courses, you simply send them an automated email with the URL where they can watch your training. Ideally the training page has a button that invites them to read a sales page with an offer or to schedule a consultation.

For more fancy setups, such as our manufacturing client, use a LearnDash registration form which gives them access to your learning center. This allows you to break down your training into several parts while allowing your student to track their progress. You can use integrations to send out timely promotional emails as your students complete milestones or have a notification alert your sales team.

A third option is to use a tool like Deadlinefunnel to share training pages, and a promotional offer, which are available for a limited time. Deadlinefunnel allows you to create real urgency with unique timers for each lead.

We’ll be happy to advise you on the best path for your company, both in terms of strategy and technology, through a complimentary consultation or a 12 to 18 month gameplan Marketing Intensive.


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