About The Digital Navigator

Website Optimization and Digital Marketing

Pol developed The Digital Navigator because businesses like yours were requesting a website and integrated tech stack that was fully automated.

He kept being told by online business owners and independent business clients that there was not an All-In-One Solution that drove sales and could take the online sales work off your plate.

So, Pol created The Digital Navigator to deliver Sales and Peace of Mind for you.

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Strategy, Marketing and Support

What We Do

Provide Peace of Mind through a variety of digital marketing strategies and implementation.
Content Providers

If you desire a fully automated and integrated tech stack to sell your course…

Hospitality Businesses

If you own a restaurant, winery, hotel or operate as a food retailer/wholesaler and desire to leave the tech to someone else…

Individually Owned Business

If you desire to own all your technology (e.g. website, email, hosting) but have someone else manage…

E-Commerce Businesses

You are looking for a partner that has a fully integrated solution and takes everything off your plate…

Agencies and Freelancers

If you desire to scale your business and have freedom by partnering with a full-stack provider…


Long Term Strategy, Development and Implementation.

Start with only the website and digital marketing services you need today. As your business grows, tap into our expertise to consult on your marketing strategy, expand the functionality of your website and build on the foundation you’ve created without having to start back at ground zero.

Everything we recommend is based on the principles, data and studies on how prospective clients interact online. As best practices and consumer behavior evolve we provide you with recommendations to take advantage of new growth opportunities.

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Website Design

You need a new website or redesign? We will walk you through our intake process and then ask you for final approvals along the way before your website goes live.

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SEO Strategy & Implementation

Significantly drive qualified leads with a SEO sales strategy that is predictable over the long term.

Managed Service Plan(s)

Hosting, daily backups, security, regular version updates and 3rd party tech support. You can choose a different plan with us at any time.

Marketing Campaigns

Develop a marketing strategy with compelling offers that generate cash flow.

Schedule a Consultation Today

Have a desire to drive sales, scale and/or just want to ask a question?

Working Process

How Do We Work

You are in control, own everything and approve all final updates.
Design And Approvals

Meet with a customer service team member as you approve all mockups before your website goes live.

Develop and Deliver

We take care of all the implementation and consistent updates while you do your thing.

Reasearch and Planning

The detailed implementation and optimization makes the research pay off for your business!


It is more then just Business to us!

Able Mindset

Addis Gonte is the President of Able Mindset that supports youth living with paralysis and helping them integrate into the community so that they can have opportunities to be successful in their own career development.

“Able Mindset’s mission is to empower youth living with paralysis internationally. It is important to support this marginalized population to feel confident to live a meaningful life while overcoming many obstacles.”

Able Mindset promotes Advocacy to the community and mentorship to youth with paralysis. We are so proud to continue to support Addis and Able Mindset on our dime. Addis is definitely one of those special people on earth!

About Us

Pol Cousineau, Founder

I am living my dream today in Costa Rica after discovering the world of digital marketing back in 2015. Back then Virtual Summits were just coming on the scene and through my expertise we were able to drive attendance above 15,000 participants.

I was excited at the amount of recurring revenue we drove for our clients through fully integrating and automating big online events. My desire to make sure every detail is taken care of for our clients led me to experiment and develop a fully integrated and automated tech stack.

We have continued to optimize our all-in-one solution today to free up more time and deliver more sales for our clients. I am most proud to see that several of our first clients have continued to grow with us and to be able to develop affordable solutions for independent business owners

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“My #1 goal is to exceed your expectations.”

President, The Digital Navigator
CPA Auditor (Quebec)

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Our team of experts is excited to get to know you and work with your team.
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