The Digital Navigator

All-in-One Content Marketing, Website and Online Business Management Solution

For course creators, memberships, online coaches and spiritual teachers

Our goal is to help you and your team save countless hours struggling with technology, execute profitable digital marketing campaigns and optimize your website for leads and sales.

Once your businss reaches a certain size, managing software integrations implementing functionalities such as memberships, courses, integrated eCommerce, ad campaigns and email marketing quickly becomes overwhelming.

We can work directly with your team to remove bottlenecks and provide you with peace of mind behind the scenes with our online business management solution.

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Strategy, Marketing and Support

What We Do

Providing peace of mind through a variety of digital marketing strategies and implementation.
Course Creators & Memberships

Implement automation and proven strategies for leveraging your existing content to sell your courses…

Agencies and Freelancers

Increase your bottom line with our affiliate program or white label solution by partnering with a full-stack provider…

Online Coaching & Consulting

Scale your online business, expand your program offering, win back time and eliminate technology headaches…

E-Commerce Businesses

Maximize your lifetime customer value with a fully integrated solution and takes everything off your plate…


Long Term Strategy, Development and Implementation.

Start with only the website and digital marketing services you need today. As your business grows, tap into our expertise to consult on your marketing strategy, expand the functionality of your website and build on the foundation you’ve created without having to start back at ground zero.

Everything we recommend is based on the principles, data and studies on how prospective clients interact online. As best practices and consumer behavior evolve we provide you with recommendations to take advantage of new growth opportunities.

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Website Design

You need a new website or redesign? We will walk you through our intake process and then ask you for final approvals along the way before your website goes live.

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Content Marketing & SEO Strategy

Drive qualified leads by leveraging your content through AI content marketing to create predictable long-term growth.

Managed Service Plan(s)

Hosting, daily backups, security, regular version updates and 3rd party tech support. You can choose a different plan with us at any time.

Ads & Marketing Campaigns

Develop a marketing strategy with compelling offers that generate cash flow.

Schedule a Consultation Today

Have a desire to drive sales, scale and/or just want to ask a question?

Working Process

How Do We Work

You are in control, own everything and approve all final updates.
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Website Optimization

We optimize your website through a redesign or rebuild to meet best practices for your visitors and algorithms to increase your visibility.

Content Plan Research

We create a content marketing plan through extensive research to create a tailored strategy that leads to higher enrollment.

Develop and Deliver

We handle the technical implement, perform ongoing content marketing research and guide you maximize visibility, lead conversion and enrollment.


Guiding Principles

We rely on our guiding principles to make the right decision.

  • Quality: When the choice presents itself, we choose quality over speed or cutting corners.
  • Timing: We provide you with expected completion dates and we’ll notify you if more time is required.
  • Communication: We provide clear communication and adjust our language to be more or less technical as we learn your preferences.
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About Us

Pol Cousineau, Founder

Pol developed The Digital Navigator during a mastermind event in 2016. While discussing plans to launch a membership site, he was approached by several business owners to handle their marketing and technology needs.

It quickly became clear that founders were spending too much time overwhelmed by their website and digital marketing software while needing clear actionable steps to grow their business.

So, Pol created The Digital Navigator to provide peace of mind through an integrated tech stack, executing marketing strategies and optiziming websites to drive sales.

Pol has continued to optimize our all-in-one solution to free up more time and deliver more sales for our clients. I’m proud to see the difference our clients have made in countless lives across the globe.

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“My #1 goal is to exceed your expectations.”

CPA Auditor (Quebec)
Founder, The Digital Navigator

Schedule a Call

Our team of experts is excited to get to know you and work with your team.
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