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Do you secretly wish you could double your digital product, training or coaching business year-after-year while freeing up your time with complicated technology and confusing marketing strategies?

You desire a clear path to increasing sales of your digital content, training, or coaching business while reducing the complexity of your systems and saving time.

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Kissing the Headaches of Online Technology & Marketing Goodbye

Did you know…

According to Accuracy Research, LLP, Demand projections for digital transformation product are $431.71 billion by 2021 (Zion Market Research) and for the global e-learning market $331 billion by 2025?

According to, the average online site visitor conversion rate is 2.35% while the top 25% of businesses convert 5.31% into customers?

Sales flattened out when their marketing used to work so well

Open, Clickthrough, and Conversion rates decline, when they used to work so well

Their technology tools used to implement their marketing strategies become too complicated and confusing…driving them crazy

Their goal of growing their dream business and enjoying a winner’s lifestyle are consumed by backend tech problems


It’s Not Your Fault!

Online technology is constantly evolving, which means the marketing and sales systems used to build a business in this environment are too.


Most tech service providers don’t get marketing and definitely don’t get the digital content, online training and coaching niche.

And on the other side of the coin, most marketing coaches don’t provide tech help.

This leaves you stuck with wrangling tons of complicated apps, plugins, software and platforms and confusing sales and marketing funnels…

…all while trying to focus on actually helping people and running your own business!

Don’t you wish there was a simple way to unravel the confusion and complication to finally uncover the truth of what’s going on at every step of your sales & marketing process?

And, wouldn’t it be nice to have a simple and definitive marketing game-plan that shows you, step-by-step, what to do to scale your business over the long term?

“Since working with Pol, the volume of customers we serve on a weekly basis has already doubled and working on tripling. With automation of our systems, we now have space for infinite growth”

Emily Harrison

~ Founder, The Akashic Academy

“I have been working with Pol and The Digital Navigator for about a year now, and not only does Pol and his team cover all of the technical parts of my business, from my website, to my email autoresponder, chatbots, pay links, and more, but Pol is also a marketing genius”

Elysia Hartzell

~ Founder of Sacred Soul Alignment Certification

“Jim’s agency is the only one that we have consistently worked with and gone back to since opening our first business nine years ago. As we have opened five other businesses, I have always gone to Jim’s because of his integrity and ability to take so much off our plate.”

Martin Doan

~ Multi-unit Business Owner


Marketing Makeover Intensive

You’ll spend the better part of a day working with our owners developing an eight to twelve month game plan that can be immediately implemented with a couple of offers.

Detailed Avatar Profile

Together, we will clearly spell out who your ideal client(s) are which so that may use as inspiration be extremely focused upon who you are developing your offers for.

Core Product Makeover

Optimize your core offer so your sales offer is blazing hot and clients have an incredible experience.

Customer Journey Roadmap

Map out an A-to-Z path that maximizes customer value – starting from new lead to brand ambassador and referral source! Finally optimize ROI on ad spend and new customer acquisition cost.

Marketing Campaign

Step-by-Step Implementation Playbook – reveals all the tactical how-to steps for various campaign build-outs including Webinar campaigns, Sales Funnels, Ask Surveys, and more.

Performance Diagnostic

You will receive a report summarizing the effectiveness of every step of your current Customer Value Journey and for each stage of your cold, warm and hot traffic.

Marketing Campaign

Get a full recording and executive report

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Schedule a consultation with one of The Digital Navigator leaders to learn about our ability to create and design your course sites and membership sites. Our team of experts is excited to get to know you and work with your team.


Why a Marketing Makeover Intensive can help you


Assess your critical marketing and sales processes to eliminate the complication and confusion that’s stifling your growth, cut the bad out and optimize the great things

Provide a personalized roadmap that restores clarity of purpose and passion for the value you bring to your market

Get on track to DOUBLING your sales and profits in the next 12 months… in short, break through

Marketing Makeover Intensive Investment…

This private, one-on-one marketing intensive easily sells for over $15,000 – $25,000 with the top name marketing gurus…and it’s well worth it, right?

After all, what’s the value of growing your dream business where you can get well paid, get your time back and make the difference you have dreamed of?

Though it’s worth it, the good news is you won’t pay $25,000…or $20,000…or even $15,000 for the MARKETING MAKEOVER INTENSIVE!

Right now, you can join me for the one-on-one, MARKETING MAKEOVER INTENSIVE for just…

Limited-Time Offer: $12,000


Frequently Asked Questions

Will my team be able to implement some of the strategies we discuss?

Yes! Everything will be mapped out in clear, step-by-step detail. At the end of the session, you can decide to implement the strategy with your existing team and we’ll also discuss how you can work with us to do the implementation. Depending on the skills set and bandwidth of your team we discuss the level of effort involved to reach your goals.

What happens after the strategy intensive (how would we work with you in the future)?

Based on your preference we can work with you either on a fixed project basis or providing a certain level of effort on an on-going basis for us to make constant progress towards your goals. On-going support typically includes a comprehensive solution.

This may include training to develop you and your team’s expertise, coaching to adjust your strategy, act as an operational consultant for your team implementation, and testing various elements based on marketing results. We may also implement for you based on the content of the training and build out your marketing campaign.

How can I best prepare for the intensive?

After signing up you’ll gain access to our calendar to schedule your session.
Then we’ll do some preliminary research on your business, and may ask you for access to a few of your back-end software as well as best estimates of your number of current customers, projections and reach (don’t worry if this is very high level).

We’ll also share a non-disclosure agreement to maintain the privacy of your business information. After these things are set and you’ve blocked off the time on your calendar and shut off all distractions, we’ll have the marketing intensive.

What will I get out of this?

A specific detailed marketing strategy that you can bring back to your team to implement or collaborate with us to put into action. Clients walk away amazed at the clarity they finally have from this session, and they get easy, actionable steps that are simple to interpret and implement.

Your marketing game-plan is adapted to your business needs and will hone in on the areas most beneficial to achieve your goals. For some clients this involves a complete marketing makeover while for others it can mean laying the foundation for a project.

What size should my business be to qualify for this marketing intensive?

We recommend that your business is doing at least six-figures annually to qualify for this service.

If you are just starting out it is important that you have planned funds for the execution of the strategy. If you do not have a proven product or service, backed by sales, you must understand that getting a business off the ground requires a tremendous amount of effort and dedication. We will work with you if you are serious.

You may want to contact us through LiveChat or signup for free Digital Content Sales System Blueprint Course and ask about our training program.

How long is this 'marketing intensive'?

We’ll be preparing with research in advance our of time together and spend some time finalizing the hard copies we’ll be mailing you afterwards.

The marketing intensive takes roughly a half-day and can go slightly shorter or longer. We ask that you schedule 4 to 5 hours to ensure we complete your strategy to meet your goal and have a game plan we can run with.

We may also deliver the marketing intensive through two 2-hour sessions. You should mention this after completing your checkout.

What is the deliverable I walk away with?

You will walk away with package of several worksheets, handouts and plans organized in an easy-to-use format. We will confirm your goals at the start of the session and you will receive completed handouts from the below. You may not receive every of these deliverable if our area of work does not focus on them and/or they may be consolidated in a single document. Our goal is to make this actionable for you.

Detailed Avatar Profile – This will clearly spell out who your ideal client is which you may use as inspiration for EVERY blog post, podcast, video, sales presentation, or program you create. Plus, you’ll be able to show all your team members this so they can effectively cater to your audience as well

Core Product Makeover – Optimize your core offer so your sales offer is blazing hot and clients have an incredible experience

Customer Value Journey Roadmap – You’ll get a worksheet for each of the 9 areas of your Customer Value Journey with: (1) Current Assets, (2) Gaps, (3) Future improvements

Marketing Game-Plan with Implementation Steps & Assets – this also identifies the key objective and the phases of the Customer Value Journey it improves upon

Performance Diagnostic Report – You will receive a report summarizing the effectiveness of every step of your current Customer Value Journey and for each stage of your cold, warm and hot traffic. The rating system includes great, good and needs improvement. This is critical because it reveals gaping holes, leaks and roadblocks in your sales process.

The FULL Video Recording of the Session – So you can refer back to it over and over again and share with your team members for easy and complete implementation

Is there any preliminary work I need to do to prepare for the intensive?

Nope! However, once you book your session I will send you an NDA and may ask for access to:

Backend of current website + website URLs

Backend of your email autoresponder

List of current assets (lead magnets, marketing campaigns, Social Media Pages)

List of your current products and core offer

Estimate of your historical sales and projections for the year

Number of contacts in your email system, size of your audience / visitors, how many new leads you estimate is generated monthly

What you feel is working best and what isn’t

List of software and 3rd party tools you use

Current marketing budget

Don’t worry if you don’t have all of this as most people don’t have EVERYTHING listing! The goal is for me to get some background information to hit the ground running when we meet.

Can my team participate?

Yes! We’ve had great success involving client team members and project leaders.

How will we meet?

This will be a Zoom video meeting, so you can see my face…a treat in itself? ? …and we can share screens. Book your intensive, choose a time on my calendar to meet, and then I’ll email a Zoom meeting link you’ll use for the MARKETING MAKEOVER INTENSIVE.

Some clients prefer to meet in person for the Intensive. If that’s you let us know for us to coordinate travel arrangements.


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