How to Improve Your Website Branding with Figma

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Published Date:  30 Aug, 2023 | Updated Date:  10 Oct, 2023

You may have noticed we’ve upgraded the branding of our blog in early 2023.

Better defined categories, comprehensive content that a
nswers our top questions, and…

… shiny new cover images!

How to Improve Your Website Branding with Figma

How to Improve Your Website Branding with Figma

Branded professional cover images elevate the perceived quality of your products and services which inevitably results in more sales. It adds a consistent quality that is hard to put into words yet everyone knows it when they see it.

I’ll share our secret sauce with you: Figma!

Figma is an easy to use tool for designers which emphasizes collaboration and consistency.

  • Collaboration: Anyone can comment directly on the designs, anywhere.
  • Consistence: Create design styles, fonts and components that are dynamically re-used.

The finished design images tend to look sharper than tools like Canva because the images are created in a vector format that can scale up or down without becoming blurry.

You can also export any image, or element of your image, into multiple formats such as PNG, JPG and PDF.

How to Use Figma for Branding Your Website

You can learn more about how we use Figma to design websites in our ultimate guide How to Use a UI Kit for the Best User Experience | Web Design Principles.

Then go ahead and take a few minutes to forward this email to your virtual assistant or schedule a consultation if you want help in creating your cover images or shiny new website.

That’s it for today!

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