Success Story | Lori Made $155,355 in Revenue through Successful Facebook Launch

Published Date:  01 Apr, 2020 | Updated Date:  13 Mar, 2024

Learn how The Digital Navigator helped Lori Williams with a successful FB ad campaign launch and pick up 688 new leads plus $155,355 in revenue in just two weeks.

Business Stats

  • Industry : Spirituality, Military style Controlled Remote Viewing, Psychic Spying
  • Date Business Founded : 1999
  • Customers : 217
  • Ad Budget : $1,050
  • Media Sources/Channels : Facebook, Email List, Affiliate’s Email List
  • Campaign Period :2 weeks
  • Total Sales : $155,355
  • Cost Per Lead :$1.53
  • Landing Page Views : 6,745
  • Leads : 4,421
  • Unique Visitors on Sales Page : 1,524
  • Sales page conversion rate % of visitors : 14.24%

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In 2010 Lori Williams launched Intuitive Specialists, a website that offered eight different in-person Practical Remote Viewing workshops–each based on intermediate and advanced Controlled Remote Viewing techniques.

Over the next several years – and with the rising popularity of digital marketing and online course creation software – Lori began to envision a six-week digital video course that would allow more people access to her training and provide residual income.

Yet, like so many other entrepreneurs finding their stride in the fast-evolving digital landscape, Lori’s road to grow her online course offerings proved long and costly.

Thankfully a break came when Lori met Pol Cousineau, the founder and president of The Digital Navigator.

By July 2019, Lori faced her fears and, with the help of the TDN team, successfully launched her six-week Practical Remote Viewing Online Course and picked up 688 new leads and brought in $155,355.

And she did it all in just two weeks and with a mere $1,050 in Facebook Ad spend!

Here’s what Lori had to say by the end of her two-week sales journey:

“I am so grateful to have the folks at The Digital Navigator on my team! It is such a relief to be able to create and then pass my things on to such capable and responsive professionals. You all work so hard on my behalf.”


– Lori Williams, Intuitive Specialists

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Lori Williams Transformed Multiple Years

Challenge #1 – Building a Digital Course Online

Lori had a vision of producing her first digital video course teaching her military-style of Control Remote Viewing.

Motivated, Lori hired a talented videographer who had produced a popular documentary that can be seen on Amazon Prime.

With these credentials, Lori was happy to pay him $30,000 to help her film and produce her first video course.

The plan seemed to be going perfectly.

The videographer said they would film the entire course and produce it in just over 10 weeks. Due to the unfortunate nature of personal problems, 10 weeks quickly turned into a year.

Lori grew worried she had spent a great deal of time and effort to little reward.

Frustrated with waiting, Lori started producing her own work for the course and discovered she enjoyed the process. She also realized – as the videographer began submitting work – that she liked what she was creating more than what was being handed in.

Lori finally decided she would produce all the pieces of the course herself. She was also going to have to move quickly if her vision was ever going to see the light of day.

What she needed most was someone to help her host and sell her content through a digital course and membership website–not create content!

Challenge #2 – Building a Digital Course and Membership Website

Even though she had all these pieces of the puzzle – Lori was still not technically capable of building a true digital course and membership website where the program would be housed.

Lori hired a woman to build her first website in 2010. Then, in 2012, she worked with an artist who made a lot of contributions in terms of logo and colors.

Lori and this artist worked together for a couple of years with him being the webmaster. He created a lot of customized coding on her WordPress website.

Still, her site was nothing more than an informational digital file, not a lead generating, sales converting, business building website.

By 2015, Lori’s webmaster had simply ‘moved on’, and she had no one to help her with her website solution

So she did what many people do – she went on a spending spree.

She became a founding customer of Kajabi – which she hoped to use as her website/membership site platform. She bought into Infusionsoft (now known as Keap) – which she would use as her CRM.

She also bought MailChimp, Zapier, and many other integrations. Lori reasoned that if she just bought all of these things and hooked them up, then she would be able to succeed.

But after more dead-ends and years of work with not much to show for it, Lori was emotionally spent.

Our Solution – Build an All-in-One Website Sales System

Around the time Lori hired her videographer, Lori also found herself in a small mastermind group hosted by Jeff Walker–through whom she would meet Pol Cousineau, founder and president of The Digital Navigator.

When Lori was at her wits end about her online business, she finally reached out to Pol:

“I needed the glue to make it all happen and Pol was that glue.”


– Pol Cousineau, The Digital Navigator

When Pol and The Digital Navigator team began working with Lori in 2018, the team went to work on Lori’s website bringing it up to speed in a multitude of ways – load time, SEO, getting rid of old, clunky code, and much more ‘under the hood’ work.

From there, Pol delivered website peace of mind, even beyond the technical side of things.

He then helped her lay out a game plan to make her website and digital course dreams happen in the best way possible.

“He really took a lot of things off my plate. He took the SEO, he took the marketing, he took the technology and even more to make this happen.”


– Pol Cousineau, The Digital Navigator

With a brand new website at the ready, Pol then focused on helping Lori officially ‘launch’ her Practical Remote Viewing Online Course, which would set her business on a more profitable path.

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Challenge #3 – Make Money with Digital Course Content Online

Lori knew almost nothing about internet marketing until she attended a seminar by Brenden Brushard who said, “If you’re not making money from your website, then you should just shut it down.”

And since Lori, in her own words, is no longer a “spring chicken” she also wanted to start transitioning all of her in-person presentations to automated 6-week digital courses.

This type of automation would allow her to have more free time and that would live on beyond her own years.

“I really wanted to get out of the hamster wheel of having to always teach ‘in person’ and get to where my courses were automated, which I had NO clue how to do. I wanted to create a sustainable residual income from my business. And secondly, I wanted to do more than teach the best selling authors, celebrities and high-society people – I wanted to reach everyday people with my message.”


– Pol Cousineau, The Digital Navigator

Yet while Lori had learned a lot from being a part of all these high-level internet marketers’ groups, she had two critical problems: she knew nothing about technology and she didn’t know how to build and run digital marketing campaigns.

Essentially, like countless other students of industry-leading marketing experts, she had acquired all this lofty head knowledge but couldn’t implement any of it.

Worse yet, Lori was actually afraid of launching after years of ups and downs, and too much over-spending

Our Solution – Website and Course Launch with Facebook Ads

After the mixed bag of results from years of ups and downs, Pol Cousineau again came into the picture to help Lori launch and automate her digital course products online.

Together, Lori and Pol planned to launch Intuitive Specialists in July 2019.

Using the same principles of successful Facebook ads campaigns found in this article, Pol built a top-to-bottom marketing funnel.

Learn How to Run a Successful Facebook Ads Campaign

Then, he connected the funnel with everything that Lori published online.

Next, with a budget of $1,050, they started a two-week Facebook Ads campaign to promote the official relaunch of her digital course and membership website!

Throughout the process, Lori confesses she would have been at a loss without Pol. Without the constant technical insight into digital marketing for coaching products,

“Mindset and strategy are great but Pol was the bridge to implementation. He was literally right there with me, telling me which buttons to push, and when to push them all the way through.”


– Pol Cousineau, The Digital Navigator

Final Results – Over $100K in Digital Course Revenue with Facebook Ads

The 2-week campaign was a clear victory.

In the same month launched the Practical Remote Viewing Online Course, she brought in 688 new leads and $155,355. And the best part? She did it all with no more than $1,050 in Facebook Ad spend!

It wasn’t long before Lori was flooded with thousands of questions and requests from interested prospects, new leads, and new customers.

By the end of her journey with The Digital Navigator, Lori had successfully launched her first 6-week automated digital course.

She had learned how to finally start generating leads and converting new leads into customers using social media and paid ad campaigns.

She also finally had a website that was more than a business card – she had a successful, and popular web-based business.

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Client Business Profile

Lori Williams, owner and Director of Intuitive Specialists, teaches the military-style of Controlled Remote Viewing.

With over 20 years of experience as a remote viewer, she has been teaching Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and several post-advanced professional CRV courses as well as several other related remote viewing courses for many years.

Although she uses more of her own curriculums and is creating new material, some of the curriculums she still utilizes were written by Lyn Buchanan, author of “The Seventh Sense”–herself a distinguished remote viewer who retired from the Stargate remote viewing unit.

Learn more about Lori Williams and Intuitive Specialists.

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