Do you need to worry about the Google Search Updates?

Published Date:  02 Mar, 2023 | Updated Date:  09 Oct, 2023

On September 12th, Google started rolling out a core update.

This update which took two full weeks to complete, and impacted Google search results and rankings.

NOTE: As of the start of 2023, Google has followed up with numerous updates, as they appear to be sorting through this last massive update. However they have not yet finished these updates at the time of publication.

What does this mean for your business?

Do you need to worry about the Google Search Updates?

What to expect with Google search updates

You can expect some volatility in where you rank in the search results whenever Google does a major update.

Web pages that emphasize valuable content for searchers will benefit while those that are trying to game the system will see their visibility reduced.

My biggest piece of advice?

Don’t rock the boat too much, and maintain slow deliberate changes as opposed to taking the fast track to optimization.


– Pol Cousineau, The Digital Navigator

How do I avoid website issues from the Google updates?

As long as you are following search engine optimization (SEO) best practices you don’t have to worry about anything.

If you do see decreases in your ranking and are not working with a professional SEO agency, it is NOT advised to make sudden changes.

Google explains that it is normal for a web page ranking to go up and down a few times as the algorithm is updated.

Here’s some best practices to increase your search ranking:

  • Ensure your content provides the best answer to the search term you want to rank for
  • Include a FAQ section on your pages encoded with Schema
  • Include visuals such as images or videos with proper labels
  • Include bulleted lists, numbered lists, tables and multiple headers
  • Include a table of content for longer form content

How do I avoid penalties on my website?

These common SEO practices should be avoided as they will penalize your business:

  • Inserting the keyword or search term too many times in your article (“keyword stuffing”)
  • Using too many repetitions
  • Using more than 30% duplicate content between pages
  • Having broken links, links that are redirecting and unsecured pages

If you want a second set of eyes to ensure your business has all the elements in place to win with this update, schedule a complimentary consultation with us or get a free website audit.

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