Do I need to worry about payment security for my business?

Published Date:  26 Jul, 2023 | Updated Date:  21 Sep, 2023

Protecting your website’s checkout system from unauthorized transactions usually isn’t a top priority for business owners.

That’s normal as the focus is on maximizing sales.

When it comes to fraudulent transactions, hacking attempts and other nefarious activities it is easy to think “Why would anyone target my small business website?”

It’s a fair question, which deserves an answer. If you don’t mind, I’d like to give my two cents:

Do I need to worry about payment security for my business?

Do I really need to worry about payment security?

Aren’t sure why anyone would target your small business? Well, they could want…

  • To steal the credit card details of your clients
  • To validate a stolen credit card works prior to using it on a big purchase website or ATM
  • To use the processing power of your website to be used for other illicit activities
  • To send phishing emails to your clients and steal their information

Fraudulent transactions hurt your business because it decreases your reputation with your payment gateway or merchant account, it incurs transaction fees, and can result in many wasted hours to clean up the mess.

In addition to using a robust firewall such as the three firewalls we provide to all of our clients with a website performance plan, you can tighten your checkout security by adding a CAPTCHA.

How to increase online payment security for my business

I recommend HCAPTCHA, as it complies with privacy regulation throughout the world as opposed to Google’s ReCAPTCHA which may result in unnecessary fines and penalties.

By adding a simple puzzle prior to processing the payment, you’ll make your website less attractive to attackers and reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions.

If you are on a service plan with us which includes eCommerce, contact our customer service team and we’ll implement HCAPTCHA on your checkout page at no additional cost.

If you are not yet a client, go ahead and schedule a consultation.

That’s it for today!

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