The Secret Behind Pizza Hut’s Golden Button | How to Increase Leads Through Blog CTAs

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Published Date:  25 Oct, 2022 | Updated Date:  02 Sep, 2023

Oftentimes, it can be tiny details that make the biggest difference. Pizza Hut’s A/B website experiment is the perfect example of this.

Just by adding a few blog CTAs, they are anticipating their annualized revenue will increase by $7.8m.

pizza huts golden button how to increase leads through blog cta

When working on a website project, our team at The Digital Navigator always starts with the button designs along with colors and typography.

When we’re working to optimize a website for sales we always look for button placement and how clickable elements are designed.

Back to Pizza Hut’s golden button…

Pizza Hut was getting a lot of traffic to their special deals and offers page but most visitors never clicked to claim their specials.

They were puzzled by this as it allowed customers to save a lot of money… and they had made the effort of reviewing the deals page.

Their deals page had each offer featured as a clickable image which showed the dish and the price.

Problem: There were no buttons on the deal image card.

So they made an experiment by inserting a “Select” button in each of the deal cards and voila, customers started claiming their offers in droves!

Within two weeks the uplift in revenue was unmistakable so they followed the experiment by a rollout which is forecasting $7.8m in additional annual revenue!

That is the power of blog CTAS: when you use CTA in digital marketing, your profits sky-rocket with you.

Here’s how you can apply CTA in digital marketing to increase your sales:

Take a look at your key website pages such as your product, course and free resource registration pages.

Then look for important clickable elements, such as an image card.

Add a button if there isn’t one, and if there is a button make sure it has a contrasting color.

You can see an example on the homepage of our website. Although some users know to click the video thumbnail image, all users know to click the button.

CTA in digital marketing
Image of our free training to boost your sales with a fully optimized website from The Digital Navigator homepage.

If you want us to look at your website and provide personalized tips to increase your sales, get your free website audit today!

How can I sell content to make money?

There are several content models you can use to make money online. We suggest using sign-ups for pre-recorded course offerings, workshops or live courses, flagship offers, on-demand courses, and other course programming packages per your expertise!

How can I build a content model to sell my content successfully?

There are two fundamental approaches to doing this: some people build an audience first, and then determine how they will monetize their content later. Others have their business model first, and organize their content strategy to target that audience and get their attention. We advise using a combination of both approaches. First, identify your primary or flagship product offering AND how you will build your audience. Then begin to look into how you will monetize the products within a business model.

What is the process to make money with content online?

Start by organizing a business model for your content online, then utilize Zoom and Google Drive to start recording, organizing, and distributing your content online. Finally, evolve your offerings by moving your content onto a learning management system (LMS) like LearnDash. Read more about LMS integrations HERE


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