Time-Saving Trick for Content Creation | How to Create Fast Content

Published Date:  06 Dec, 2022 | Updated Date:  21 Sep, 2023

Wondering how to save time on content creation?

Establishing your expertise and proving that you can solve the problems of your prospects is essential to build customer trust.

That trust is the main reason that they will buy your services, courses, consultation services and digital products.

time saving trick for content creation how to create fast content

Most businesses are intimidated at the amount of time required to produce content. Save time on content creation with this technique.

If you are already producing videos or audio content, you can use a transcription tool like https://otter.ai/ to produce the write-up. Although YouTube can also generate transcripts our team has found Otter to be extremely reliable, accurate and affordable. There are many other tools available.

Here are the steps to quickly produce a blog post:

  1. Record a video or audio file, you can use content from social media, webinars, interviews.
  2. Upload your video or audio to Otter (or your preferred transcription tool).
  3. Download the transcript.
  4. Create a new blog post on your website, embed the audio or file file and add the transcript below it.
  5. Hit publish.

If you have a writer within your team, or you work with the SEO writers at The Digital Navigator, you can have them do a short interview on a topic and let them do the rest. Your expertise will shine through as the interviewer asks detailed questions to dig into the chosen topic.

Then the writer can use the video and transcript to write an in-depth article and marketing email that will come out more polished than publishing a simple transcript. In this scenario, most of our clients don’t embed the video or audio on their site as it is only used by the writer.

Record an internal video which you share with a writer that will generate the transcript for you. Your writer uses this to write a more comprehensive article and email to share with your list.

If you are interested in publishing expert content, while getting leads from search engines such as Google, and only having to show up for brief expert interviews then visit our Small Business SEO information page. We’ll take everything off your plate and provide you detailed reports of the results.

You can also get a complimentary website audit to understand the landscape of your business website and the low hanging fruit to bring you more sales.


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