How to Drive Organic Traffic to Your Website?

Published Date:  29 Jun, 2021 | Updated Date:  09 Oct, 2023

Traffic is always good for your business, but getting the right kind of traffic; organic and relevant makes it even better. Traffic that is relevant to the business you own enables a more focused and niche audience.

One of the things that every business owner should keep in mind is that, no matter how good your business, if no one knows about it, it won’t make any difference. If only the people around you like family and friends know about your business, It’s time to kick your online business into full gear and get recognized by a wider audience.

how to drive organic traffic to your website

Look for The Ideal Resources for Your Campaign.

When we talk about digital resources, we refer to articles, podcasts, infographics, audio interviews, mini-courses, and so on. Choose the resource that will benefit you and your team the most. To do this, we suggest you build your digital marketing plan around the media that naturally appeals to you. This is an excellent method for learning how to get website traffic.

Continuing Real-Life Example

By watching a quick video lesson, the personal public speaking coach, for example, may develop a digital traffic campaign. Another option is to document your services. Use your post to attract potential buyers. When images receive more interaction, you might also use them to promote your company.

To get customers to use your services, you need to find the simplest and most efficient method possible. Make a map of all the resources that your team and you feel more confident using. As a result, it will be easier to create an efficient digital traffic campaign that provides better results faster.

Create your promotional page.

To convince website visitors to click the “Checkout” button, you’ll need to apply a little persuasiveness. You will achieve great success if you develop an advertising page where you can display all of those digital assets. A user may have to provide his contact information in order to access your material on a promotional page that is gated. Instead, you might use ungated content and use the publisher model.

Always look for a way to obtain their contact information, regardless of the strategy you decide to use. For this reason, you’ll probably blend gated and ungated content. You might offer exit intent pop-up forms or inline forms. Conditions could be included in the sidebar or at the end of the articles. It would be excellent if you also verified that all technical components are operating properly.

The page must load quickly, be free of typographical and coding mistakes, and be viewable on mobile devices such tablets and smartphones.

Launch a Facebook campaign.

While organic search engine traffic is the “gardener” method of sales, Facebook advertising follows the “hunter” style. Hunting helps your business by bringing in targeted traffic and leads when you need them, whereas gardening builds a foundation that continues to pay off every day. This approach is a deceptive way to learn how to increase visitors to your website.

You need to have the correct objective for your Facebook campaigns in order for them to be effective. Your unrestricted content pages may have a goal that increases landing page views.

You may also start your gated content with a goal that maximizes Landing Page Views, like a squeeze page to sign up for a checklist download. Then, using Lead Conversion Events, you can simply add a conversion campaign objective. It could be done concurrently or after the traffic campaign.

If you want to use this mixed campaign objective method, you should periodically examine your spending to switch from your Landing Page Views to your Lead Conversion Events objective. To achieve the best results, I suggest that your budget be adequate to set off at least 100 events (landing page views, lead conversion events, etc.) each week.

You must ensure that the Facebook Pixel is correctly installed for page view on all pages before beginning any Facebook campaigns. You may be curious as to what a Facebook Pixel is used for. Facebook Pixel is a code placed on your website. It gathers information that enables you to track conversions brought on by Facebook adverts. Additionally, it aids in ad optimization, creating a target audience for subsequent ad campaigns, and recapturing previous customers.

On the first day of your campaign, don’t blow your entire budget. Facebook displays the areas where your campaigns have ceased learning during the optimization phase. From there, you can gradually increase your budget.
Increase the budget gradually; otherwise, the campaign as a whole may suffer. Expect less-than-ideal outcomes from the conversion campaign if you get less than 100 conversions in a week.

Where Do You Start to Optimize Your Ads?

Work from a “good enough” ad copy rather than doing multiple ad copy tests to get the perfect words. It will yield better results if you start testing multiple creatives such as different images and videos. Let your creative juices set in and experiment with the images. Be as visual as you can get so people are attracted to your copy.

Cut & Paste Your Information in Several Formats

Use your content in a variety of formats. A video you produced can be turned into a written article. You might even turn the video you just produced into a miniseries. Also, you can draw in potential clients by developing an infographic from your movie. Another option is to create a webinar that convinces people to purchase your goods or services.

Have a Plan for Your Follow-up and Communication Strategies.

You have access to the leads’ contact details. What’s the next step?

It’s important to stay in constant contact with your customers.
To add more value for them, you can run an automated email follow-up campaign.

Another option is to use a “Thank You” page that promotes the next stage of your marketing campaign. You can encourage them to get in touch with you or arrange a consultation, put events on your calendar to remind them to attend the ones they’ve signed up for, or even advertise an alluring paid good or service.

It is recommended that you use the materials that are provided with this article. Or, even better, book a session with me, and I’ll help you plan the most effective campaigns to attract customers who are interested in your type of business.

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