Make more sales with these best practices for email marketing

Published Date:  23 Feb, 2023 | Updated Date:  09 Oct, 2023

52 characters or less

That’s the length of your ideal email subject line.

Why so short?

make more sales with these best practices for email marketing

The golden rule of email subject lines

Remember the golden rule about email subject line writing:

The purpose of your email subject line is to draw in your audience so that they click to open your email.

It helps that most email applications will display subject lines of 52 characters or less without being cut-off.

If it’s longer then you are playing with fire; your subject line may get truncated.

Why best practices for email marketing still matter

Email marketing is still a top digital marketing channel that gives you the best return on your investment (ROI).

Why Email Marketing Still Matters

That’s why we review ALL of the email copy of our marketing clients to ensure they are optimized…not just the subject lines.

How to make more sales with email marketing

If you are looking for a few more ways to maximize your sales through email marketing, I suggest you:

  • Avoid large images, limit their size to 100kb or less and don’t exceed 500kb per email (you can right-click an image file and select properties to see the file size)
  • Avoid spammy words and exaggerated promises
  • Use emojis in your subject line to draw attention
  • Resend your emails, while changing the subject line, to people that haven’t opened them
  • Bold and italicize important sections, such as the benefits and challenges
  • Stop sending email to people that are no longer interested
  • Use an email address which matches the domain of your business website

Better yet…

You can meet with us to explore strategies to grow your sales online or schedule a marketing intensive to get a complete game plan for the next 12 to 18 months!

Can’t wait to see what we can do for you.

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