Common Google Ads Mistakes That Prevent Your Success

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Published Date:  08 Nov, 2022 | Updated Date:  23 May, 2023

When I review existing Google Ad accounts I’m often shocked to see businesses waste thousands of dollars per month on Google Ads mistakes like this that are far too common:

They don’t enter “Negative Keywords”!

What’s a negative keyword and why should you care?

common google ads mistakes that prevent your success

A negative keyword tells Google NOT to display your ad when someone enters a specific term.

For example, you may be displaying ads to people that search for “pest control”. By default, Google may show your ad for any search results that contain the words “pest control” such as “bed bug pest control”.

If your competitors are not displaying ads to people searching for “bed bugs”, the cost-per-click (“cpc”) may be really low. Since Google wants to give you the best value possible, and this is a low-cost search term, it may direct a large portion of your budget to “bed bug pest control”.

So how can you avoid Google Ads mistakes?

If you don’t offer bed bug remediation services, or the profit margins aren’t good enough to offset your Google advertising expenses, this will result in a net loss. This happened to a client that didn’t offer this type of service but was paying 4 figures per month to advertise for bed bugs!

The fix was simple, I added “bed bug” as a negative keyword which prevented ads from being displayed when the search term included the words “bed bug”.

Voila! That saved our client $10k+ per year while redirecting their advertising budget to qualified leads.

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