ON-DEMAND TRAINING: How To DOUBLE Your Digital Content, Coaching or Consulting Business in 12 Months or Less

Discover The One Missing Link To Boosting Sales & Profitability in as Little as 90 Days


This ON DEMAND 90-minute training is a hands-on workshop focused on implementing a proven system that increases sales and profits in the next 12 months.

If you’re looking for a way to grow your online content, coaching and/or consulting business without spending more on ads or hiring more staff then you must attend this free training.

In this eye-opening 90-minute training you will discover and implement a system that…

arrowScales 10x Faster the Smart & Simple Way

arrowDOUBLES Sales Without More Staff & Software

arrowPositions your business for “Press GO” acceleration in the next 90 days

This training is not for you if:

You’re looking for rehashed, basic information on growing your content, coaching and/or consulting business you can find anywhere.

You already ‘know’ how to easily double sales and profits with real world case studies of how it’s being done without working harder.

Your idea of fixing a broken sales & marketing system is throwing more ad spend at the wall hoping profits stick

You’ll also get a special bonus gift when you show up: High Converting Landing Page CHECKLIST to skyrocket your lead conversion rates.


About your host,
Pol Cousineau

Pol Cousineau, CPA Auditor (Quebec), is the President of The Digital Navigator and is a specialist in creating learning, marketing and sales platforms for digital content, coaches and consultants.

He’s also a Direct Response Copywriting Specialist, Customer Value Optimization Specialists, Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist, Ecommerce Specialist, and Email Marketing Specialist certified by Digital Marketer in addition to using the Ask Method 2.0 formula to build a personalized experience for your clients and visitors.

On Demand 90-Minute Training

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