Getting traffic but no sales? Here’s what to do

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Published Date:  11 Oct, 2022 | Updated Date:  08 Nov, 2022

In the first phase of growing your business, you want to grow your audience and get more traffic so you can get ahead on converting website traffic to sales. But there may come a time where your website traffic or social media audience are growing but your sales are lagging behind. You’re getting traffic but no sales.

The first thing is to verify how much of your traffic you are converting into leads by calculating your leads conversion rate.

converting website traffic to sales

The formula is simple.

Total leads / Total unique visitors = Lead Conversion Rate

You’ll want to look at your monthly lead conversion rate for several months to see the trend.

Is it going up or down? Which pages have the highest conversion? Which offers aren’t converting?

If you are using our private analytics tool all of this is available in your dashboard and you can rely on the data since we track every visitor for you. You can contact our customer service team at and we’ll be happy to help you.

If you are using a free tool like Google Analytics or another tool that relies on sampling, you can get a general idea of this number. Just know that their data isn’t fully accurate because they only measure a percentage of your traffic. A lot of people block Google Analytics but it will still give you a general sense of your conversion rate.

Then map out an action plan for converting website traffic to sales and put it to the test.

Looking at your highest converting pages and offers, take note of what makes these stand out.

Perhaps all of your video pages are converting the best and your audience loves webinars. Or maybe they prefer quick checklists and infographics.

Then looking at the pages that aren’t performing well find out what they have in common. Do they cover specific topics? Are they old and outdated? Are they lacking visual elements?

Equipped with this information, you’ll want to make changes on your pages to include the best elements and eliminate what isn’t working.

Using our private analytics tool you can set up visual heat maps that show how users interact on your pages. This shows where users are clicking, how far down they move in the page and how they interact with your website. This will remove some guesswork as you proceed with these updates.

If you don’t have many lead capture forms, free offers or conversions then you’ll want to create new lead magnets.

A lead magnet is simply a free offer in exchange for the contact information of your visitor. Ideally this is connected to your email marketing system and will send an automated series of emails to get them to make a purchase or schedule an appointment.

Write down a few ideas of a mini victory that you can give your audience. Here are some ideas for converting website traffic to sales in different industries:

  • Moving checklist to make their relocation easier
  • Video training to teach them the basics of meditation
  • Financial risk assessment calculator

Going back to the data you collected on your most popular pages, go ahead and insert lead capture forms in them in exchange for your free lead magnet. In our free lead generation masterclass we go in more depth on the different types of forms and how best to use them.

Once you have people’s email addresses you can use your email marketing system to engage them by providing value and sprinkling offers that will generate sales.


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