Full-service Website Solution and Website Management

A few of our website management services include – Design, Hosting, Fort Knox Security, Ongoing Optimization, Scaling, E-Commerce, & More.

When you work with The Digital Navigator, you work with Customer Service Representatives trained in technology, not the other way around. We know that technology language can be frustrating and confusing so that’s why we put the customer first, technology second. Peace of mind is guaranteed.


Featured Website Management Services

Website or Redesign

Analytics and Data

Membership/Course Sites

E-commerce/Online Payment Sites

SEO Services

New Website / Redesign

The Digital Navigator works with all of our clients to build a new website or redesign a current website to ensure support of the vision and mission of your business. We will also help with the ongoing management of your website after it goes live. To ensure your success, The Digital Navigator utilizes the following factors:
  • We utilize best coding practices so that your business does not get penalized by Google
  • We build on WordPress, an open-source web service, that utilizes best practices from small and large companies.
  • In almost all cases, TDN implements every step on behalf of the client and/or will provide support to help rather than simply giving our clients the steps to implement on their own.
  • Loading Speed and the importance of it to Google and paid to advertise
  • Providing you with the freedom to change direction and build your brand online. Follow your rules, not somebody else’s!
Add-ons that are included with all Websites / Redesign:
  •   Privacy Policy
  •   Hosting
  •   Firewall Protection
  •   Consistent updates of your business plugins
  •   Two contact forms
  •   And more
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Learn more by watching our Free Masterclass: Boost Your Sales with a Fully Optimized Website Simple strategies to generate sales and save money.

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Analytics and Data

The Digital Navigator has a flexible model to work with any internal member on your team for website management services, analytics, and data protection.


Gain a full picture of your business to optimize sales through the measurement of key levers in your business and connecting all the data points.


Know what is working to optimize your Marketing Budget/efforts to sell through Google Analytics and Matomo Analytics.


Comply with regulations to protect your data and your clients. We track GDPR California Compliance, CCPA, Privacy Statement, WebArx, and other important regulations.

Membership and Course Sites

The Digital Navigator utilizes a software stack that is 100% integrated and has been proven to be successful with clients that are in the startup phase to those that have a significant Subscription with numerous product offerings.

  •   Sell On-Demand and Real-Time Courses to Generate Revenue
  •   Generate a Leads List and Emails
  •   Build Your Recurring Revenue

With our very flexible model, we can work with you personally, an internal team member such as an administrator, or even a technology representative from your team.


With The Digital Navigator’s E-Commerce and Payment Site options, we can help you have a handle on all of your needs.

Flexibility with a decentralized E-Commerce Site

Scaling Your E-Commerce Site

Easy-to-use Check-Out

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of the All-in-One programs that everyone is talking about:
  • Good – Ready to go off the shelf with an All-In-One Platform
  • Bad – You Are Controlled by the Platform’s rules
  • Ugly – Lack of Flexibility – they make the rules not YOU.
The Digital Navigator wants to help you make the best decisions, stay in the driver seat, and provide as much support as possible.

Are you interested to learn how to turn your website into a lead and sales engine?

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SEO Services

There is more to SEO than being listed on the first page of Google. Learn about the different SEO services that will help drive sales.

Optimize Your Software Stack

Optimize your Website for SEO

Get High Ranked on Google

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