How a Life Coach Successfully Launched a Digital Certification Program, Generating $46,364 From A Small $935 Ad Budget!

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Published Date:  27 Apr, 2020 | Updated Date:  23 Sep, 2022

Business Stats

  • Industry : Personal Development, Life Coaching
  •  Location : Los Angeles, California
  •  Date Business Establish : 2016
  •  Ad Budget : $935
  •  Media Sources/Channels : Facebook, Email List
  •  Customers : 21
  •  Campaign Period : 2 weeks
  •  Total Sales : $46,364
  •  Ads : 966 Landing Page Views / 676 Leads
  •  FB Ad Lead Conversion Rate : 70%


This is the story of how Samantha Berry added a new service offering to her online coaching and digital product publishing business. Specifically, Samantha wanted to launch a Master Certification Program as a Digital Course aimed at certifying other ‘soul-healers’ in her methodology of addressing the emotional lockages clients seek help with.

This certification program had a price point of $1,997, which was a discount off the $2,997 retail price. This discounted offer was only offered during a special introductory offer time period. Within just 2 short weeks and with very little real-time interaction from Samantha, she went from having nothing more than a desire to enroll 6 students into her program to securing 21 students and generating $46,364 with a tiny $935 ad budget.

This campaign expanded her private coaching practice and digital courses business to offering her first certification training program. Through this campaign, Samantha generated more sales, attracted new customers, and automated the sales process without even spending $1,000 in Facebook Ads or wrangling with complicated tech or confusing strategies that only work in vacuums.
But how did she do it? The following story takes you along the journey through set up, launch, and then the closing of Samantha’s campaign.

You’ll see how Samantha went from a mere idea to a campaign that put close to $50,000 in her pocket and set her business up for the next level of growth and development. You’ll discover techniques you may use to create business growth in your business too.

Business Profile

Samantha Berry is a transformational leader, gifted healer, and intuitive coach through her business called Beyond Cellular Healing, LLC.

She has helped thousands of people worldwide to achieve their business and life goals by removing emotional blocks and restoring healthy psychological functions.

She does this within her small-group programs, private coaching, and Meditation Healing Activation products.

Essentially, the business offers small-group coaching, one-on-one coaching, and digital courses. She has been featured on Good Morning LaLa Land, Allie & You, Dare to Dream, Inspired Conversations, as well as other shows and podcasts.

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The Challenge

Like many self-employed and small business information publishers – trainers, consultants, conference speakers, authors, group coaches – Samantha is asterful in her field of work. She helps people from all walks of life to manifest their gifts and talents and share them with the world in a more significant way. Samantha does this by reconnecting people to their Soul’s purpose, so they can experience more love, joy, and financial abundance.

Her work as a life coach, master ‘healer’ and intuitive coach has helped thousands of people worldwide to achieve their business and life goals by releasing Inherited Emotional DNA, such as fear of success, fear of failure, anxiety, procrastination, fear of public speaking, false money beliefs, relationship drama, and business stagnation.

Samantha had been so busy and over-worked because of the high demand for her services, so she had the great idea of creating a certification program to certify other gifted and experienced healers in her specific methods so she could refer customers to her roster of certified healers.

Still, she faced real challenges.

You see, Samantha had become an expert at speaking on stages around the country and selling coaching sessions via live in-person events. Though this format of selling requires mastering many skills, they do not directly transfer to selling online.


Samantha had a website and was accustomed to selling her guided meditation audios and sharing daily affirmations digitally. However, she did not have experience offering a full digital training program online before and definitely didn’t have experience running a marketing campaign to cold audiences online.

Samantha had good questions that articulated her dilemma:

  •  How would she build out a good certification course?
  •  What tools or platform should she host the course on that was affordable and offered the best user experience for ustomers?
  •  There are so many social media platforms and paid media options out there. It’s a total
  •  maze! What platform would be the best for promoting her certification course?
  •  What is the best way to strategize and build a digital marketing campaign for a digital course like hers?
  •  What price point would she sell at and how do you launch, manage, and end an effective campaign without spending too much money?

It was clear that Samantha needed help.

  “When the student is ready the teacher will appear.”

She heard about The Digital Navigator and how we help entrepreneurs like her in the information publishing space to build better businesses online.

She connected with the founder and president of the firm, Pol Cousineau. Pol and his team went to work mapping out a game-plan for this particular goal as well as assisting Samantha level-up the overall performance of her entire operation using digital tools and strategy.

The Solution

Pol and his team rolled up their sleeves and helped Samantha at every single point of concern and ultimately built a game-plan for success.

Starting at the top, the TDN team worked with Samantha on fleshing out her course to make it attractive and complete. This way students could gain a lot from it, have minimal complaints, and enjoy an excellent user experience.

Once all the modules were laid out and the best platform for hosting and delivering the course was chosen, they moved on to the next step. The team ecided to host the course on WordPress in combination with the Learning Management Software (LMS) LearnDash used in high-profile institutions such as the University of Michigan.

The next step was mapping out a launch and promotional game-plan for selling the course and enrolling students.


Samantha’s goal was 6 students. She didn’t want too many, just a manageable number of people who could get certified and that she could assist as they implemented her method with their own clients.

The TDN team assessed the available assets Samantha had to promote the course to. Ultimately, she had an email list of about 1,111 active subscribers and an open rate of just 8-10% subscribers, which was her primary promotional asset.

Based on his years of experience, Pol knew that for this campaign to be successful Samantha would need to market this course to a much larger list of relevant prospects to reach her goal.

Pol mapped out a plan.

Facebook for Cold Audience Advertisement

First, they would utilize Samantha’s Facebook account, on which she had 18,000 followers. Pol believed that Facebook was the best platform for Samantha to launch and promote her course besides her own internal email list.

With Samantha’s conservative $1,000 ad budget, the money would have to be spent wisely in order to achieve good results. Since her Facebook following was relatively small, Pol knew they would need to design a Facebook ad campaign that displayed ads to cold audiences that were highly targeted to Samantha’s interest.

4-Part Master-Class Series

The TDN team targeted an audience that was most likely to respond to Samantha’s offer and created several image ads designed to invite cold audiences to click and then be directed to a landing page.

The sales funnel process that Pol mapped out led people from Facebook to a single Landing Page that invited visitors to register for a free 4-Day Master-Class.

In this Master-Class, Samantha would share premium quality information that was designed to educate and encourage attendees to enroll in Samantha’s paid certification program.

Follow-Up Sales Campaign

Following the 4-Day Master-Class series, Pol knew people would need time and more persuasion to get off the fence and enroll in Samantha’s program.

So, the final step in this campaign was a two-week-long follow-up sequence, which would be delivered using email and ManyChat on Facebook. This follow-up sequence would encourage prospects to visit her program sales page where the complete story of the course and Samantha’s expertise was told.

Pol and the TDN team carefully designed a follow-up campaign that delivered so much more additional value following the 4-day master class that Samantha’s email list was happy to get the emails and Facebook messages.


The Results

The 2-week-long follow-up campaign closed out a massive success for Samantha’s business.

Here’s a breakdown of the vital numbers of the campaign.

Within that 2-week time campaign period, the campaign brought in $46,364 in revenue from just 21 enrollees.

All this from just $935.05 in Facebook Ad Spend. In addition to bringing in 21 new customers into Samantha’s business, the campaign generated 675 new leads through the Facebook campaign at an ad cost of $1.39 per lead – these came out of the same ad spend mentioned above.

The campaign achieved a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of a staggering 49,587%!!!

Here are some additional stats that are relevant to the campaign.

  •  Landing Page Views (Total): 1475
  •  Leads Generated (Total): 905
  •  Landing Page Lead Capture – Conversion Rate % (Total): 61.36%
  •  Landing Page Views (Facebook Ads): 966
  •  Leads Generated (Facebook Ads): 675
  •  Landing Page Lead Capture – Conversion Rate % (Facebook Ads) 69.88%
  •  Average page views per daily video page: 391
  •  Average unique users per daily video page: 287
  •  Email Open Rate: 71%
  •  Email Click Rate: 43%
  •  Grew Active Subscribers Email List by 60%
  •  Estimated Active Participants: 645.7175
  •  Unique Visitors on Sales Page: 521
  •  Sales page conversion rate % of visitors: 4.03%
  •  Sales page conversion rate % of total leads: 2.32%
  •  Sales page conversion rate % of active participants: 3.25%

The Conclusion

Like they say,  “Small hinges swing big doors.”

This is certainly true for Samantha.

She launched this campaign with a formidable price point of $1997 as the sale price but she had an email list of just 1,111 active subscribers.

By collaborating with digital marketing expert, Pol Cousineau and his TDN team of experts, they were effective in crafting a winning launch and sales campaign and executing it seamlessly.

Throughout the campaign time period, Samantha was relieved to not have to worry about wrangling with complicated tech and digital tools. All this was taken care of for her, so she could focus on delivering her expert content in her live 4-day Master-Class.

Since Pol set up that master-class to be recorded, it can now be used the next time Samantha wants to open enrollment to certify a new class of students.

Upwards and onwards to the next adventure!

Ready to be Our Next Success Story?

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