Effective Sales Tactics 101: Adding Sales Bonuses

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Published Date:  16 Mar, 2023 | Updated Date:  14 Feb, 2023

You’re about to launch a new program or want to drum up some sales for an existing offer.


According to your research, coach, training program or mastermind group you need to come up with some juicy sales bonus ideas to maximize your sales.

Then you start wondering…

What makes a good bonus?

Effective Sales Tactics 101: Adding Sales Bonuses

What kinds of sales bonuses work to drum up business online?

A good bonus meets one or several of the following criteria:

  • Handles an objection
  • Accelerates the results
  • Increases status

There are other less important factors to consider when selecting a bonus:

  • Sets the stage for your next offer
  • Provides something extremely desirable (access to celebrity, a special retreat…)
  • Physical goods

Does product price matter when adding a sales bonus? (Yes)

The price point of your offer will determine how many bonuses you want to offer and their value.

You can offer limited-time bonuses to create real scarcity, such as people that sign-up by a specific date.

This is the most common use of bonuses to its simplicity both for the business and the potential customer.

Other bonuses can be provided for the first X people that purchase your product or service.

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An example is a private session to the first 10 registrants or upgrading the first 10 customers to a higher quality product.

Some bonuses are always included in the offer regardless of when a person purchases it. Think of this type of bonus as a bundled offer.

You often see this in the grocery store where they have a bonus format or they attach something to the package of what you are purchasing.

I want help creating sales bonus ideas for my online store

If you’re really stuck on what to offer your customers as a sales bonus, try using our downloadable sales funnel planner (plus the how-to article) to flesh out your existing product purchase journey.

Or you could just ask for our help!

To get help optimizing your offer, schedule a complimentary consultation with us, or go ahead and try out a free technical website audit for a full website consultation–where you can ask questions about sales bonuses anytime.

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