Maximize Your Revenue with THIS Effective Upselling Strategy

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Published Date:  15 Nov, 2022 | Updated Date:  08 Mar, 2023

Need a new upselling strategy?

The laziest and easiest way to increase your revenue is to add a 1-click upsell to your checkout process.

Maximize Your Revenue with THIS Effective Upselling Strategy

How does it work?

Immediately after a customer submit their payment details to complete their purchase, you display a limited-time offer.

The offer provides additional support, additional value or complimentary products and services at a discounted price.

There is a button to accept the offer at which point their credit card is automatically billed without them having to enter their payment details again.

For example, you are selling a 6-week course and immediately after the checkout you offer them a complimentary workshop or course.

Or you are selling a wheelchair and immediately after checkout you offer maintenance products.

Why does this upselling strategy work?

It requires little effort from your customer, all they have to do is to click a button.

The offer enhances their experience and provides additional value which is aligned with their goals.

How do you create your own upselling strategy?

There are different types of upsell technology out there. Look for a tool that enables your customer to purchase with the click of a button without having to enter their details again.

At The Digital Navigator we provide this technology as part of our website service packages and we also provide the support to configure it for your campaign.

We typically see a lift in revenue between 5 to 20% with very little work from our clients.

If you want us to help you increase your online sales, schedule a consultation, or a free website audit to get a deeper report on what is working and what can be improved.


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