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Published Date:  22 Nov, 2022 | Updated Date:  23 May, 2023

How long should a blog post be in 2022? Since our our speciality is driving leads through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and that we have a team of writers, I frequently get asked this question…

How long should a blog post be?

how long should a blog post be in 2022 writing guides and tips

I’m sure you won’t be surprised when I say… it depends!

I’ll break down some scenarios so that this stays practical by driving leads and sales for your business.

A – I don’t want to think about it

Create blog posts with 1,800 to 2,200 words. Longer blog posts and articles rank better on the search engines. Just make sure you add a table of content for those that don’t like to read novels or that want to get a sense of your article’s content before committing to it.

B – My business doesn’t have much content on its website yet

Start off by creating 3 articles that are 2,000 words to create a foundation. This can be inside of your blog or you can add extra content to the key pages of your website navigation.

Then locate a valuable search term and publish a 4,000 words article around that topic. We call this a Pillar Post in our industry. This will have the best chance of ranking.

Once you have this content in place you can add links from your 3 articles to your Pillar Post which will tell search engines that this is more important content.

C – My business will share most of the content on social media

The previous strategy will work but most often shareable content works better if they are shorter in length. Keep your audience in mind as if you want to establish market expertise with a sophisticated audience then a 4,000 words Pillar Post may be just the right thing.

Content shared on LinkedIn will reveal an estimated reading time which is why shorter content will work best. Most people aren’t going to click on an article that says 30 minutes reading time on a social platform.

Since you still want to give depth to your content, create a series of articles.

Break down your article into 3 smaller articles of roughly 800 to 1,200 words each. Then publish a summary article which gives an overview of what they will learn and links to each of the 3 parts. Each of the 3 parts should link back to your summary, and the previous/next article.

This will give you rankable, shareable content with some internal linking which will help you be seen on Google.

Quality content is the most important aspect of getting leads from search engine optimization (SEO).

Now you have a basic framework for publishing content that is useful and rankable on search engines.

To get the best results, you’ll want to review the technical coding of your website and pick the best search terms to include in your articles. Just like we do for our clients, we can handle all the technical aspects and provide search recommendations so that you stay focused on your business.

If you want a helping hand, schedule a complimentary website audit to get a report and consultation to understand your next steps for getting sales through search engines and online marketing campaigns.


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