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The Digital Navigator offers multiple website solutions that include design, hosting, Fort Knox type security, ongoing optimization, scaling, & more.

Everything that we do is designed to help you drive and optimize sales while seamlessly integrating into a website. Our top of the line customer service representatives are trained on processes and solutions, not technological jargon, giving you a better experience.

“Since working with Pol, the volume of customers we serve on a weekly basis has already doubled and working on tripling. With automation of our systems, we now have space for infinite growth”

Emily Harrison

~ Founder, The Akashic Academy

“I have been working with Pol and The Digital Navigator for about a year now, and not only does Pol and his team cover all of the technical parts of my business, from my website, to my email autoresponder, chatbots, pay links, and more, but Pol is also a marketing genius”

Elysia Hartzell

~ Founder of Sacred Soul Alignment Certification

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How to Scale Your E-Commerce Site

You have BIG DREAMS and are ready to SCALE BIG! We can help you develop a game plan, determine priorities, and implement all or just part of the game plan as we have done with several of our clients.

Below are some helpful guidelines to consider no matter where you are starting at today with
your eCommerce site:


Work with a Digital Expert that has sophisticated SEO software for analysis and have them demonstrate with metrics from their clients how they have helped them scale their business.

A quality Search Engine Optimization Strategy and Implementation will ensure you grow your customer base via your website. SEO keywords are fluid and always changing as your competitors make moves and the search engines like Google implement new rules. Stay on top of the ever changing parameters of your competitor’s online game plan and the search engines!

Schedule low-cost promotions that drive initial business:

Unless you have a very large budget to play with, stay mindful of the types of promotions that you offer to a client base initially before you offer your flagship product/service. Keep it at low commitment, yet valuable enough to entice your prospects to engage with you.

Building Upon the Foundation

Lean on your current customers

By the time you reach the level of a mid market account, you have built up a strong client base that you can count on for consistent sales. Ask them to provide you referrals and testimonials, perhaps focus on a few clients as case studies. This will help continue to build your social proof to prospects that are considering to purchase your product and/or services

Diversify your offerings

Start adding in those products or services that your customers have been asking about. It may be an upsell or a splinter product of your flagship product offering. Continue to customize your eCommerce site to market to the needs of your members/customers/clients.

Ready to Go Big

Grow your team

You are only as strong as the team you have! At some point, you need to let go and spend the time with what you are great at! You need to either internally hire, train, develop, and hold accountable a team or outsource parts of the expertise that you need to GO BIG! Whether it is day in day out customer service or development and implementation of a 18 month Marketing Plan we can do that for you!

Manage and grow in the struggles

If you have reached this state, challenges like sales or bad customer reviews stil occur but in larger volumes. You may not want to deal with that anymore and can afford to outsource as many of our clients have done.

Know that this is all ok and a part of the process...Letting Go so you can spend your time doing what you love and/or even take that vacation with Peace of Mind knowing that we got everything from customer service to implementation taken care of.


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Our team of experts is excited to get to know you and work with your team

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