All roads lead to Rome… and smiling customers!

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Pol Cousineau, CPA (Quebec)
President & Captain of The Digital Navigator

If you want to increase your online sales, then there is a question you must answer for yourself and all your visitors.

How available are you?

I’m not kidding!

It can be easy to overlook the Contact page of your website as well as the channels you make available to your prospects and customers to communicate with you.

When people have questions about your products and services you should make it effortless for them to reach out and get an answer. Potential buyers also want to be reassured that you won’t disappear after the sale and that you will be there if they have any issues are require assistance.

If you’ve been reading our weekly online marketing email tips or our blog, then you already know by now that the name of the game is engagement.

Implement one action item from this article to see an increase in smiling customers!

Your prospects have a question in their mind can create a barrier to your sale if left unanswered.

1. Getting Lead from Your Website Contact Page

Everything you do should have a purpose and goal. Your website’s Contact Page has the objective… of having people contact you!

Let’s go through different tactics you can use on your Contact Page to reach this goal.  Your website visitors should have several means of contacting you as one size doesn't fit all.

Some people hate emails while a majority of Millennials avoid making phone calls.
Asking questions should be convenient regardless of a person's preference. For this reason, your contact page should have several options for your visitor. Here’s a list of ideas you can implement:

  • Email address
  • Contact form
  • Facebook business or personal page
  • LinkedIn invitations
  • Phone number
  • Website Live Chat (the icon in the bottom right corner you can see right now… try it!)
  • SMS messages
  • Booking calendar

Your contact page should convey the professionalism of your business to boost trust and confidence. Create lots of space so that it doesn’t appear like a cluster of information.

Take action to improve your sales and review your website's contact page now. You can take a look at The Digital Navigator’s Contact Page as an example

How to do it: Review your contact page and add 1 communication option to your page. Tidy it up while you are there if there is a cluster of information.

2. Leverage Customer Support Availability to Persuade the Sale

What happens once a customer purchases from you? How easy or hard will it be to get support? How do they access customer support?

These questions gain in importance when you are selling online because there is the impression that your business can be harder to reach. Think about it for 3 seconds.

When you visit a physical store, you know that if you have a problem you can call them or walk right back in there to talk to someone. If you see a “Buy Now” button on a website you can be left clueless as to where to go if you need to talk to someone.

To improve sales, make sure that you clearly disclose the availability of your customer support. Good places to add this information is on your website footer area, on your sales page, above your website top menu, in your email signature, inside a promo email, your Contact page, your Facebook business page… and in sales conversations!

At The Digital Navigator, we reassure our customers that we’ll be there for them when they need it through all of these:

  • Disclose office hours on our service page and in our website footer
  • Convenient office hours of 9 am to 5 pm Central Time, Monday to Friday
  • 48 hours response time during business hours to resolve support requests
  • Emergency contact and best effort to support customers for critical issues outside of office hours, communicated in sales conversations
  • Live Chat support on our website: technical support for our customers and answering enquiries from our visitors
  • Phone number disclosed in our footer
  • Business hours and link to our Contact page on our Facebook Business Page
  • Generous Contact page with contact form, calendar link, chat, email, phone…

Let’s face it. Will most people use these channels to reach out? NO!

But it doesn’t matter, they need to feel reassured that you will be there if they need you. Otherwise your are creating friction in your sales process.

How to do it: Review the list of your customer support availability and publish an additional way your customers can reach out to you for support, such as disclosing your office hours.

3. Keep the conversation flowing!

You’ve heard me say it and I’ll say it again, getting customers to smile is all about relationship building.

Ultimately everyone should have a means of communicating with a human. This is what is meant by all roads lead to Rome (well, at least in the context of this article). Just before writing this article I signed up for a new cell phone plan and I wasn’t able to keep my cool as I kept being forced into talking to robots on the phone.

Please don’t do this to your customers! Automation is nice but it shouldn’t be an excuse to disengage from the relationship.

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Pol Cousineau, CPA (Quebec)

President & Captain
The Digital Navigator

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