Pick a convenient time for us to meet and strategize to increase your lifetime customer value


Strategies for getting leads and selling your digital content

Simplifying and automating your software stack to save time

Improvements to your content delivery to increase consumption, retention and upsells

A genuine offer of support without sales pressure

"Implementing their lead campaign suggestions for my business has resulted in a measurable increase in my revenues of over 40%."
Brian Cowell, President, Manufacturing Millionaires, Inc

Here's What Our Clients Say:

Brian Appleton

"Pol has taken our email open rates from 13% to 35%+ and has helped our revenue and profits grow. If Pol says he is going to get it done, it will get done and on time."

Calvin Witcher

"Pol has helped to streamline our operations in a way that made sense for us. TDN has easily saved us 5-10 hours a week. Simply put, Pol is a maverick when it comes to understanding the mechanics of your business."

Sherry Knight

"The Digital Navigator has taken a pigs’ ear and made it into a silk purse as my mother would have said. Thank you to you and your team for making Profitable Presentations Done into something so worthwhile for our audience."

Digital Marketer Certified Partner with the goal of doubling the sales of 100 businesses in 5 years
Digital Marketer Certified Partner

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